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If I Get My RCFE Certification Will I Have to Also Know About Pandemics?

Currently, there are a couple of questions on the RCFE Certification test about epidemics and pandemics. There are also questions testing your knowledge about MRSA, and various safety protocols for the influenza virus. There aren’t any questions, at least not yet, about the CoronaVirus or how to prevent its spread within a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly. However, this knowledge will be mandatory soon if you are to receive your RCFE Certification. t the State of California will see to it that no one becomes RCFE Certified without first understanding how viruses spread, how to prevent their spread, and how to not become the human-vector spreading the virus from room to room in a residential care facility.

Does RCFE Continuing Education Include Pandemic Protocols?

Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic crisis, the State of California’s requirements for continuing education will change in a couple of ways. First, there will soon be additional information in the on-going education material explaining new procedures and protocols for dealing with the elderly you care for during a pandemic crisis.

Is Becoming an RCFE Administrator Harder Due to CoronaVirus?

Right now, the answer to this question is no, but rest assured very shortly that answer will change to a resounding; YES! That is to say, it’s never been an easy accomplishment to become an RCFE Administrator, as the test is hard and there is a heck of a lot of knowledge to learn, digest, and remember. The State of California only wants the best Residential Care Facilities of the Elderly administrators running these types of establishments, as it places a high priority on the safety and well-being of our society’s most vulnerable members. It’s just that it is about to get a lot harder than it was previously to become an RCFE Administrator. Let’s talk about why.

RCFE License’s Continuation Education Requirements

Let’s face it keeping up with your RCFE license’s on-going and continuing education requires a little preplanning. This is definitely something you don’t want to put off until the last minute. Every two-years before you can pay for your certification renewal, you will have to complete 40-hours of RCFE continuation education. Only 20 hours can be online, the rest will have to be in a physical classroom.

Is an RCFE Certification Worth Its Weight in Gold?

It is indisputable that an RCFE Certification opens a window to a high-paying career. There is a lot of upward mobility in this industry. The demographics and needs for care facilities will only increase. More people will be needed and everyone currently in the sector has the opportunity to move up the ladder and up the pay scale.

Getting Your RCFE Administrator Certification Increases Your Earning Potential

Do you have an RCFE Certification? Well, if you do and you’ve worked in the sector for a while, you might want to consider an upgrade. That’s right, upping your value and increasing your earning potential. By how much, you ask? Not quite, but almost double the amount a regular RCFE certification holder makes. Yep, on average RCFE Administrator Certification will boost your annual salary to nearly $120,000 per year. Are you beginning to see why it behooves you to take your life and career to the next level?

Opportunities Vastly Increase With an RCFE License

Having trouble finding a job in a rewarding field? A profession that allows you to help others but still making a living wage? Do you like caring for others? Do you like to bring joy to other people’s lives? Do you have a way with people? Have you been told you are the best mother, parent, or friend a person could ever have? If so, we know just the industry for you, one, that prides itself on helping people live their lives with dignity. Maybe an RCFE License is in your future? Let’s talk about this for a moment, shall we?

Why Are RCFE Continuing Education Classes So Important?

An RCFE (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly) Certification is a highly coveted designation. The RCFE is a California requirement to operate a board and care facility. Those who work in the care of the elderly in these locations need to be certified. Those who manage them will need to be as well. The manager certification is called RCFE Administrator Certification.

What Is an RCFE License and Why Should I Care?

RCFE stands for Residential Care Facility for the Elderly. RCFE is a special certification in the State of California. These facilities are also called board and care facilities. While other states have followed suit in developing similar licenses and certifications, California’s certification is somewhat unique. Having a certification in another state will not suffice in CA, and CA certifications in this category are not always recognized by other states.

What Is an RCFE Administrator?

As you know, RCFE stands for Residential Care Facility for the Elderly. Thus, it stands to reason that an RCFE Administrator is someone who runs such a facility. Yes, in a nutshell, that’s right, but there is more to it than that. For starters, an RCFE Administrator must be onsite at the board and care facility to oversee both the care and management of the facility.

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