Working as a traffic controller is a rewarding experience

Many people are drawn to traffic control because of the collaboration, outdoor lifestyle, and decent compensation it provides.

Traffic controllers are an important aspect of any large construction site, roadwork project, event, or festival because they coordinate traffic flow and speed, ensuring the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and workers.

For many people, becoming a traffic controller is a smart career choice because it is steady and vital work, especially as Australia’s roads and infrastructure expansion in the coming years.

To work as a traffic controller, you’ll need a precise set of skills as well as a certificate showing that you’ve completed the required traffic controller training.

What are the requirements for traffic control?
Kallibr offers a traffic controller training that includes two competency units:


RIIWHS205E – Use a stop slow bat to control traffic.

Implement a traffic management plan (RIIWHS302E).

These elements come together to make a one-day training available in Melbourne for just over $200. This training is available for individuals or groups and is offered many times per month.


The course will give you the information and skills you need to use a stop-slow bat to regulate traffic and implement a traffic strategy in the construction industry.

A valid white card – your general safety induction for work sites in Australia – is also required if you operate in the construction industry. To properly accomplish jobs such as interpreting SWMS, Traffic Management Plans, and Traffic Guidance Schemes, traffic controllers must also have solid English language abilities (TGS).

How much do Melbourne traffic controllers earn?
Traffic Controller jobs in Victoria were regularly advertised for between $50k and $70k during the last two years, according to Seek statistics. According to Indeed, the average hourly rate is roughly $29.50.

Where can I get a Melbourne traffic control course?
Look for a recognized training organization, or RTO, in Melbourne that can provide you with authorized traffic control training.

The Kallibr Melbourne training center is centrally placed, and we have fantastic instructors that make learning fun and rewarding.

Complete a traffic controller course with us – check out the course information page or contact our helpful staff for more information.

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