WATCH: Truck Drivers Hold Demonstration Against High Fuel Prices In Germany’s Hamburg

The Geopolitics of Desalination

Twice within the past 50 years – throughout the 1960s nuclear energy fervor and within the late 1980s, with “discoveries” in cold fusion – much of the world briefly thought it was on the verge of having access to close-to-free power supplies. “Too cheap to meter” was the phrase throughout the Atoms for Peace Conference. Even though neither the economics nor the technology finally supported these claims, it isn’t far-fetched to picture changes that could profoundly alter the economics of desalination.

A New Ethic For Water Management

It may take a brand new drinking water ethic to sway public attention toward the essential lessons the river provides civilization: an ethic to assist bring a brand new balance around drinking water choices; an ethic that helps us guard against “gigantism” and “technological triumphalism” about the a single hand but, equally essential, against an unwarranted reverence for an overromanticized past along with a “technophobia” on another. Listed here are 3 elements we believe are critical as the fulcrum for such a balance. Very first, the new ethic we require isn’t merely a single of preservation.

More Value at Upstream Layer in Technology Pyramid

Technology is the leader of the enterprising world. And it leads using a constitution. Unlike the traditional political structure, this constitution is Algorithms written by engineers, scientists, etc and not congressmen and politicians.

Globalization – Private Capital, WTO, and Circumvented Ethics

On international waters, every development bank has guidelines that generally prohibit development unless all riparians agree to the task, which in and of itself has promoted prosperous negotiations within the past. Private enterprises have no such restrictions, and nations eager to develop controversial projects have been progressively turning to private cash to circumvent public ethics.

Is US Medicare Coverage in the Philippines Possible?

Between 2007 and 2008, rumors and reports came out that U.S. Medicare coverage in the Philippines is possible. Generally, U.S. Medicare coverage is limited to all 50 states. Has Medicare gone portable at last? This article explores the truth behind the talks.

Brazil’s Economy Booms to a Samba Beat

Brazil, the biggest country in South America has become the world’s biggest exporter of raw materials and is flourishing like none other. China and India have stuttered to a halt and in America home and banking woes have taken up most of their attention. In the shadow of this Brazil has quietly boomed.

Egyptian Workers Call For Rise in Minimum Wage

Currently, around 40% of Egyptians live below the poverty line and the increase in the minimum wage would make a huge difference to a large number of families. A likely area to be hit with increases is the foreign tourist.

Russia Marks 65th Anniversary Victory Parade

2010 is the 65th anniversary and this year’s parade in Moscow will be a bit different. As well as the Victory Parade in Moscow, there will also be parades in other cities too.

NHS Updates

The UK’s National Health Service, the NHS, a model for and a forerunner of Obamacare, continues to fail and disappoint the British people just as Obamacare will fail and disappoint the American people once it is fully implemented in 2014: “But the place is full of blokes!” “Sorry, dearie, it’s all we have to offer.” Thirteen years after Britain’s Labour Party promised that mixed sex wards in NHS hospitals would be abolished, patients were forced to spend some 20,000 nights in mixed sex accommodations last year, many hospitals used only thin partitions to separate the sexes, and dozens used a curtain.

Microcredit in Brazil

This short article outlining some background information about the microfinance industry in Brazil, its development, criticisms, flaws and some future projections. Details about offering support can be found at the bottom of the article.

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