VHP Lauds Uttarakhand Govt; Calls For Nationwide Law On Forced Conversions

Water Disinfectant Machine: What Is Water Disinfection?

The process of water disinfection helps remove, deactivate or kill different types of pathogenic microorganisms. Typically, microorganisms are either deactivated or destroyed, which results in the termination of the reproduction or growth. If you don’t drink water that is free of microorganisms, you may end up falling sick.

How To Use Your Pain To Develop Emotional Resilience

What is the cause of your emotional pain right now, if anything? Is it something deeper such as pain from a loved one contracting the Coronavirus or the uncertainty of the world we live in? I know I’m being specific here, since I’d like you to understand what is the root cause of your pain.

The Art of Vanilla

Vanilla is on the list of powerful ingredients that all of us use on a regular basis. However, most of us just take it for granted. In fact, it’s so popular that it’s an important part of all types of recipes.

Leading in a Time of Great Change

During this stressful time, leaders are challenged to keep their remote teams engaged, meet the high performance expectations of their bosses, and manage the many issues faced in their personal lives. Leaders may want to consider these few principles to help them navigate during this time of great change.

Why Statistics and Python to Become Data Scientist?

If you are into statistics and python, you can take the right courses to become a data scientist. Data covers numerous machines, such as automobiles, robots and smartphones, just to name a few. The amount of data produced by these units requires the use of specialist tools and procedures for decision-making and analysis.

Share the Truth

Grandpa is visiting. We are working, so grandpa is left to his own devices.

The Truth Changes Your Walk

This is the fourth time that we look at the first verse of Paul’s letter to Titus. We heard that our one-paragraph CV must be a summary of how we live God’s truth.

A One Paragraph CV

As you know, Crossroad’s vision is God’s Word in today’s world. God’s children must be helped to use his Word at life’s crossroads.

Certainty in an Uncertain World

Uncertainty is bad for you. It taps your energy and makes you so tired.

Romanticism Verses Realism In Gustav Flaubert’s Madame Bovary

Gustav Flaubert is a master of realist/romantic fiction. His magnum opus Madam Bovary is based on a conflict between Romanticism and Realism, The novel records the life Emma Bovary the protagonist and Charles the antagonist. The novel’s theme is a leitmotif is romance and passion versus reason.

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