Uttar Pradesh Woman alleges rape in name of Nikah Halala; Police Files Complaint, FIR Copy Accessed

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – H Is For Habit

Habits are tricky because it can take a long time to acquire a good habit and much harder and longer usually to stop a bad habit. Surprisingly some people have a blind spot to their habits which can frustrate coworkers, family members, and friends. I conduct an exercise where each participant has to text someone to ask them what one of their bad habits is.

Turn Our Cheek?

The Old and New Testaments paint opposing viewpoints as to what is expected from Believers who are attacked or oppressed. So which Scripture should we respond to?

Why Multitasking Doesn’t Work

Don’t fall for the idea that multitasking is an ability that you should strive for. It’s not a good idea for anyone to multitask. It’s bad for your brain, it’s bad for your work, and it just isn’t really possible to start with.

Disconnected: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Disconnect From Their Body?

It might be hard for someone to comprehend how another person could be out of touch with their body and live on the surface of themselves. As far as they are concerned, this could be seen as something that is not possible.

Is There A Safer Way To Reopen Colleges And Universities?: 5 Essential Considerations

Like other schools, and activities, colleges and universities, have been, challenged, and under, considerable stresses, because of this horrific pandemic, and the resulting, necessary closings. While, most conformed, and closed, there were some, in certain areas of this country, who did not, and, discovered, the undesirable ramifications, of proceeding, in that manner. With, the Fall Semester, soon, coming – up, colleges, and universities must consider, whether it is safe, to reopen, for, in – person, classes, and, if so, how to proceed, in the best possible way.

Why We Need Separation Of Church And State?: 4 Examples

Although, our Founding Fathers, appeared, to want to ensure, Freedom of Religion, they were also concerned, with an unhealthy mixture, of church and state, which would, have the potential, to discriminate against certain people, based on their personal, religious beliefs, or lack of these! However, recently, we have seen, an ever – increasing, blurring, of their lines, with recent permission, for religious institutions/ Houses of Worship, to expand, their official involvement, in politics/ political campaigns. Although, the religious, tax exemption, has remained, intact, the conditions, which, previously, restricted certain behaviors, actions, etc, have been minimized, to some degree!

If Schools Reopen, These 5 Things Are Essential!

Few people, would not prefer, for American schools, to reopen, in as close to a normal manner, as possible, for this upcoming school – year. Although, President Trump, and his Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, articulate a message, urging, and even, overtly threatening, Governors, to open, for in – room, classes, this Fall, public health officials/ experts (and those, public leaders, paying attention, to the science, and potential risks), caution us, to proceed, with – care! While, there is little doubt, most students, receive a better education, and it meets most emotional needs, better, than remote learning, unless/ until, the…

Divorce Recovery Mindset Choice No. 2: Divorce Recovery – A Problem to Solve or a Person to Punish?

This article answers the question, “Why shouldn’t I exact revenge from my ex for all the pain inflicted on me in our divorce?” Divorce leaves us angry, sad, disappointed, ashamed, and full of justified anger and self-righteous resentment. Friends and relatives stoke the fires by reminding us all the ways we were mistreated. It sure feels good to imagine getting back at my ex.

How to Materialize Short-Term Goals Effortlessly

Have you ever felt stuck with materializing your short-term goals? It’s easy-peasy. Look inside for the solution.

The Flag That Found Me

When much-needed help comes from a completely unexpected source, what is it: Coincidence or Providence? The author comes to a clear impression that this was no coincidence.

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