Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath Takes Part In Shobha Yatra in Gorakhpur

What is the Future Really? Is It a Possible Reality, Pre-Destined, Or Whatever You Make It To Be?

It’s been said more than once by many a great man that the future is not something that you predict, but rather create. Those who spend all their time guessing what the future will be, are generally always wrong, while those who mold the future and are making it come true, making it happen, doing it, are the ones who create it. That makes sense right?

Greece Cannot Understand Why All the Tourism Has Stopped

Civil Unrest and stress in financial markets comes with additional unintended consequences. Indeed, this is what many community “protest” organizers fail to realize. Once the global media picks up on rioting, protests, or massive demonstrations – the whole world begins watching, and the media has a field day, often blowing everything out of proportion.

Plans to Stop the Deterioration of China’s Water System

As a citizen in China, you can expect only 28% of the clean, fresh water you can use in other parts of the world. A rapidly-expanding population and deteriorating, inferior water system are to blame. Add to that the many industrial facilities that are dumping chemical wastes, and you can see why the Chinese government has decided to make water quality one of its top priorities.

Noisy Drums of War – Some Scenarios

What is happening in the Middle East now is scary, on many different levels. As a whole, it seems that all the countries and societies in the Middle East are either broken or on the path to some level of chaos.

The Evolution of Los Cristianos Property in Tenerife

Los Cristianos came to exist during the past 300 years following agricultural development after colonisation by the Spanish. During this period it has changed dramatically into an International Tourist resort, famed throughout the world, especially due to the wonderful climate experienced in the Canary Islands.

Europe Gets Sick Of Being Sick

Europeans, sick of their economic ills, try for a political second opinion. Will Americans do the same in November?

Ghana Life: Revolutionary Roadblocks

In the period from July 1978 to December 1981, Ghana experienced three successful military coups and several other attempted or rumoured coups. A characteristic of those years, and of a few years that followed, was the proliferation of roadblocks on the main transport routes throughout the country, mounted by police, military personnel and revolutionary cadres. For expatriates working in Ghana, the situation became most tense when the government of Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings declared that all Americans and British were agents of the CIA. This led to long delays at checkpoints, threats of violence and, on at least one occasion, an actual shooting.

The Process of Media Industry Conglomeration

The process of media conglomeration has involved the regrouping of multinational companies, which as a result, has created a power of considerable proportions. This means that these companies have the control of the local and the international market. Their control over the market has been accelerated with the launching of satellites and other development in the media, such as in the field of digital press, digital music and digital videos.

De Rerum Sinarum – Rethinking China As Production Outsourcing Paradise

Not long ago, it seemed a foregone conclusion that any company that produced goods of nearly any type would outsource production to China. Recent events have demanded forward looking businesses begin to question the wisdom of convention. Wages are on the rise, as are political tensions.

Happy Life Condition Makes a Happy Country

The recent news on the Indian rape cases reported the law enforcing agent to be holding the attire of the female rape victim responsible for causing the crime. Muslim women are covered fully and still rape cases are high in numbers in Muslim countries. This shows that the sexy female attire is not the cause of the rape crime.

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