Udhampur blast probe: NIA Takes Over Investigation 45 Days After Incident, Registers 2 FIRs

Is It Creating, Or Resolving Crises?: 5 Examples

Many historians, students of history, or political analysts, etc, proclaim, the leadership and direction, witnessed, during the past three years, is, unlike anything, we have witnessed, at least, in recent memory! President Trump, himself, has often, stated, he enjoys chaos, because he believes, it may provide him, and his negotiating stance, with some degree of advantage! Although, he states, he has handled a variety of crises, many of his detractors, feel, Mr.

Why You Need To Face Your FEARS?

Will you be your own best friend, and face your FEARS, proactively, or, will you proceed, like many do, procrastinating, and burying – your – head – in – the – sand? Far too often, either people, don’t realize/ recognize, what makes them fearful, or refuse to proceed, in an objective, introspective manner, and, give themself, a check – up, from the neck – up! Instead of either, denying, or over – focusing, on the negative possibilities, and trying to run – away, from reality, the wisest course of action, to know, your personal fears and concerns, and proceed with a plan, to…

5 Necessities For A Quality Real Estate Agent

Since, for most people, the value of their home, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to do one’s homework, and carefully interview, choose, and hire, the real estate agent, who might best, serve and represent their best interests? Instead of, merely, basing one’s selection, on friendships, something about someone’s personality, and/ or, sense of humor, or other, somewhat, irrelevant factors, it is wiser to make this important decision/ selection, based on who, might make this process, more successful for you, and better meet and exceed your needs, and expectations. With that in mind, this article…

Why Leaders Must Deliver JOY?

After, over four decades of involvement, in nearly every, and all aspects of leadership, from identifying and qualifying potential leaders, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential ones, I have often pondered, some of the many nuances, involved in these activities, and functions. Why, are some, focused on earning the trust, admiration, etc, of those, they serve and represent, while, many others, fail to gain that necessary connection? Why is it so essential, for a leader, to strive to, and create a course of action, focused on, creating a sense of JOY, in his constituents, and, thus,…

Why We Need To Have FAITH In Our Public Officials?

Wouldn’t it be, and feel, nice, and calming, if we felt we could have a greater degree of FAITH in our public officials, especially, in times of troubling times, both, at home, and abroad? Studies and polls indicate, Americans feel less, of this, today, than ever, in recent memory, which probably, surprises, few of us! This perception has, probably, been decades (or more), in coming, yet, perhaps, because of the divisive, polarizing nature of President Donald Trump, appears to be, even more widespread!

Rubbed Another Way: Alternative Masturbation Techniques

Almost every man engages in masturbation on some regular basis, but frequently they perform this activity in the same old way. Trying new techniques might be rewarding for many.

STI Testing Helps Maintain Sexual Health

If a guy wishes to maintain his sexual health properly, he needs to get an STI test – possibly on a regular basis. Sexually active men should share any STI information with partners.

What to Do After 12th to Become a VFX Artist!

This industry involves the creation of special effects and crafts for television, movies, theatre, video game or websites. Professionals/artists can choose areas/genres such as animation, Vfx, stunts, modeling or photography. Different job profiles in this domain include Sfx artist, Vfx artist, Vfx Visualizer, Robotic engineers, 3D artist, 3D generalist, multimedia artist and technician.

Mindful Decor, Reclaimed Wood Furniture and Doors

Mindfulness is a state of calmness, being grounded, and being aware of your existence in the present moment. An old world practice arising from Buddhist and Hindu principles, mindfulness is a great part of the wellness culture that rules the modern society. Mindful decor is inspired from earthing, grounding woods and simple lines, natural fabrics and clean simple lines favoring uncluttered spaces. Mindful decor begins with a simple principle that everything serves a purpose. Home decor that connects you to your roots or contributes to your home in a positive way. Handmade and rustic wood credenzas brings in good energy, and antique chakra carved cabinets draw in the energy of the sun.

Does Ejaculation Distance Prove a Healthy Penis?

When a man has a healthy penis, he wants to make sure everything about it is up to par. That includes ejaculation.

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