Uddhav Camp Leader Dr Neelam Gorhe Visits Family Of Slain Shraddha Walkar In Mumbai

Personal Power: Can Someone Feel Powerless If They Experienced Childhood Trauma?

It has been said that the more in control someone feels, the better their mental and emotional health will be. This is not to say that someone needs to be a total control freak and to control everyone and everything in order to be in a good place.

Avoid a Sore Male Organ With These Alternative Lubricants

Most men really want to take steps to avoid having a sore male organ, which can get in the way of having sensual activity. Using appropriate lubricants can be very helpful.

Ron Wyatt’s Search for the Ark of the Covenant

If you’ve never heard for Ron Wyatt, you have probably aware of his discoveries of key locations and artifacts that took place in the Bible. Although some critics called him a liar, to his credit, the Biblical “Indiana Jones” located the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah’s Ark, Egyptian chariots submerged in the Red Sea – evidence of God parting the sea crossed by Moses and the Israelites, and most recently the Ark of the Covenant. Ron Wyatt visited Jerusalem in 1979.

Penis Bumps From Lipoma

Penis bumps are often a blemish on an otherwise handsome-looking penis. In some cases, a lipoma may cause a bump or lump, and a man may wish to have the lipoma taken care of.

Talk Dirty to Me: Masturbation and Audio Porn

Most men engage in masturbation on a regular basis, and frequently their sessions involve a visual aid component. Many might like to try substituting audio porn occasionally.

The Boss: Being Your Own Winner

We all love to achieve, but conceiving, believing it can happen and work, we do not want to do so much, especially when it is on an “I need to basis” instead of an “I want to basis”. So, I will say this: For every mountain top we want to achieve and get up to, there is always work we need to do to get up there and achieve what we want that is genuinely on that mountain top.

Killing Your Job Search With Inept Net-Working

Did anyone ever ask you about openings in your company? It’s painful to say “sorry” to these people, and it’s humiliating for them to ask. Networking for openings doesn’t work.

Don’t Let Go When You’re Let Go!

The following story is not my brother in-law’s personal experience, but still somewhat typical in the workplace. George didn’t see it coming. It was Friday afternoon when he was called into the boss’s office and told, “Business has been bad, and we hate to do this, but we’re going to have to let you go.

The Triple Threat

Did any of you watch the TV special that had every young person dreaming of “FAME?” They interviewed and auditioned candidates from the east coast to the west. All of this to find the number one candidate that would possess what they called the triple threat!

Kidney Disease Can Cause an Itchy Penis

No man wants to deal with the challenges associated with chronic kidney disease, of which an itchy penis is a relatively minor one. But that itchiness can be an annoyance.

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