‘There No Right For The Victims’: Uphaar Tragedy Justice Crusader On Shraddha’s Brutal Murder

Freedom From Want

Thanksgiving is the start of a month’s worth of expectations. That family and friends should be gathering, that there should be an abundance of food and gifts. That everyone is supposed to be warm and loving to each other

5 Tips for Tending to Compassion Fatigue

COMPASSION FATIGUE – “indifference to charitable appeals on behalf of those who are suffering, experienced as a result of the frequency or number of such appeals.” It may start out as a kind of numbness or irritability. You might feel impatient or just wish someone would stop talking.

How Can I Get Help for My Business

These hacks to help get help with your business are tried and true methods that work. Remember, you can get help without spending tons of money.

Molokini Crater

Lucky you! You planned and prepared a tropical vacation. Now, it is time to go there. You want it to be perfect, but be open-minded as you experience each day. Things will happen that are uniquely yours to remember and appreciate over time.

Child Abuse: What Expectations Can Someone Have If They Were Abused As A Child?

If someone was abused and/or neglected as a child, it doesn’t mean that their suffering will be over now that they are an adult. The reason for this is that while what took place will be over, what took place during this period of their life may have had a massive impact on them.

What Standard, Should A President Be Held To?: 4 Factors

Why do we so often, hold people, to different standards? Are public officials, simply, regular people, or should they be held to a higher level, etc? Why is the public perception, of our public officials, so low?

Why Should You Choose A Professional Garage Door Repair Service?

People who have a keen interest in repairing stuff that needs to be fixed at home wouldn’t give a second thought to working on a garage door repair project. DIY enthusiasts would find such projects interesting. However, without the proper tools even they could end up with a complete disaster.

Our Upcoming Economy: Fast, Medium, Or Slow Comeback?

Regardless of one’s political perspectives, and priorities, nearly everyone agrees, and recognizes, in addition to the horrific toll, paid, in terms of public health, etc, there have been significant economic ramifications, for the Federal economy, state and local economies, and many individuals. How will things, proceed, from here? Will we see a fast recovery, after this pandemic, or will improvements proceed, in a more moderate manner, or, might this be a slow comeback?

Protests: Why, How, When, They’re Useful, And When They Harm The Cause?

Although, those demonstrating, and/ or, protesting, nearly always believe their cause, and reasons, are warranted/ needed/ necessary, there is sometimes, or at some point, these become less effective, and/ or, even harmful! In recent days, probably largely precipitated – by the horrific killing of George Floyd, by a Minnesota police officer, we have witnessed demonstrations, by people, who predominantly, felt, they were sick – and – tired, of these types of murders. Sadly.

Why You Should Become an Electrician?

After high school, most students don’t have a clear idea about what they should do next. They are expected to attend the university. However, they are not sure about what path they should take.

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