Nearly summer, and things are already getting hot! Are you ready to market your company during the patio season? Promote your business with promotional bottle opener keychains that are laser-engraved with your brand. No gathering, whether at a picnic or by the pool, is complete without ice cold drinks and an easy way to open them. Are you letting more eyes on your brand slip by?

People want to be outside to enjoy the wonderful weather. And with branded bottle openers, your company has the chance to stand out whether it’s at a backyard barbecue or on a restaurant patio. People will want to always have a keychain opener on hand with something as useful and practical as it is. Additionally, customers will see your logo each time they pull it out to drink a beverage, which will help them link the good memory with your company. This results in recurring business and promotes the growth of your company to potential new clients.


While it may differ depending on the sector you work in, the greatest spot to distribute promotional keychain bottle openers is where you actually do business. Have you ever left a restaurant and found a small gift beside the cash register or exit door? similar to a bowl of mints. Do the same with personalised openers now. After their visit, your customers can pick up one, and they’ll be pleased to leave with a fun little souvenir. The perfect setting for this strategy is a pub or restaurant.If you are running a booth at an event, personalised bottle openers may make a fun prize. With a variety of different prizes for the slots all around the wheel, invite people to “Spin-The-Wheel.” In return, you can persuade them to subscribe to your email list, giving you a fresh source of prospective clients you can now approach directly and via newsletters in the future. A variety of modest promotional gifts, such as a keychain opener, will get people’s attention who might otherwise pass by your booth.In a similar vein, swag bags serve as an effective method of distributing your branded goods to potential clients. If your business sponsors an event, you frequently have the chance to add items to a goody bag that attendees get. Typically, “swag bags” will contain marketing materials, literature, and special offers. They provide a strong foundation for expanding brand awareness and attracting new customers to your company.


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