Supreme Court Asserts Conversion Is A ‘Serious Issue’; Urges Centre To Take A Clear Stance on matter

\”Neurosis Is Always A Substitute For Legitimate Suffering”

If someone was to hear the term ‘legitimate suffering’, it might not make any sense to them. But, if they were to hear the word ‘neurosis’, they might have a rough idea about what it means.

Wrong Uses of Face Masks in the Fight Against COVID-19 in Ghana: Cultural Barriers and Infodemics

The wearing of face masks has been recommended by the World Health Organization as one of the effective safety protocols in fighting against the contraction, infection, and the spread of the coronavirus. However, caution must be exercised in using the face masks as protective gear against the coronavirus. Wrong use of the face mask is likely to expose the wearer to the coronavirus infection. In Ghana, there have been several wrong uses of the face masks caused by cultural barriers and infodemics in the country. This article throws a spotlight on these cultural barriers and infodemics to the wrong use of the face masks.

You’ve Got To Stop Living In The Place Of Fear And Doubt

Fear and doubt are like uninvited guests, who show up for the night and overstay their welcome. They have nothing to impart other than a distorted reality. We fear what we don’t understand and then doubt ourselves. This steals away the preciousness of the present moment because we succumb to a fictitious reality.

Unwanted Erections: 3 Biological Reasons for What’s Causing Them and How to Handle Them (With Care)

Sometimes an erection is not something you want around, like in church for instance. Let’s talk about what causes unwanted erections and how to nicely put them down.

Jesus of the Bible Vs. Jesus of the Roman Catholic Church

In the books of Mathew and Mark, Jesus asks his disciples, “Who do you say I am?” Through incorrect speculation, his disciples are not sure, except for Simon Peter. “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.

Opening The Lock On The Doors (Of Perception And Awakening)

You knew this was coming from me: The peaceful swan sails forth, and the lily sails away to paint an initial picture of what I am writing about in your mind. Thinking about reality as a plastic, changeable, programmable energy substance is an accurate description of what it comes down to for the Masters of Reality. For those that are not Masters it can all seem downright chaotic and unfair as a whole, and nothing seems to work on top of that. Now, would you not prefer Mastery?

The Challenges of Opioid Detox

Opioid detox is not something you want to try alone. Often, when a prescription for pain killers ends, someone who has become dependent on opioids to function can’t get what their body needs. The withdrawal symptoms can be overbearing. As the body screams for more it summons the brain to go find some more, at any cost.

Factors to Consider When Developing a Personalized Opioid Dependency Treatment Program

To properly assess an individual with opioid dependency it’s important to know how they became addicted. Was it through pharmaceutical drugs containing Fentanyl? Did their prescription run out, so they went to the street to get ahold of illegal drugs to suffice during excruciating and tormenting times of withdrawal? How much did they take and how long did they take it? What else did they take?

Opioid Addiction and Personalized Treatment Programs

Getting over an opioid addiction isn’t easy, of course, nothing good in life ever is. And, those who have recovered all agree on one thing; life without opioids is much better, aka; good. Why is opioid dependency so hard to get over? It’s simple. It’s because of how the opioids interact with your brain and body which can easily lead to dependency.

After Opioid Addiction Recovery

Nutrition is a necessary component of any safe opioid treatment program. It is also extremely important to prevent a relapse. A better diet will keep you energized (cite: 1,2). A better diet will help you stay in a positive mood. So, you ask; what should I be eating? Well, the best thing you could do is go to Google and search for; ‘Super Foods’. Then, fill your refrigerator with ONLY Super Foods. This way whenever you are hungry and go to the fridge, there is nothing there but Super Foods to eat! What will you do with all the new energy you have? Will you make more money? Will you take up a new hobby? Will you exercise more? Will you set out and promise yourself to enjoy life to the fullest? Please answer; Yes!

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