Shraddha Murder Probe LIVE: Meat-Cleaver Seller & Doctor Who Treated Aaftab speak to Republic

The Ardell Real Wellness Self-Assessment – The Reason Dimension

This self-assessments test is designed to enable you to become familiar with and more committed to a REAL wellness mindset/lifestyle. The overall goal in creating this test is to assist you in developing a philosophy and set of mental habits guided by reason, inspired by exuberance, supported with athleticism and enriched by increased personal liberties.

Self-Awareness: Is It Harder For Someone To Be Self-Aware If They Are Carrying A Lot Of Pain?

When someone has developed a good level of self-awareness, they will be able to know what is taking place inside them. This means that they will have the ability to connect their thoughts, feelings and needs.

Why Mitch Needs To Go?: 5 Specifics

While many, who are appalled by the behavior, rhetoric, actions, and proposals of the President, seem to feel, voting him, out of office, is the ultimate solution, the reality is, the election of Donald Trump, was not, unfortunately, an anomaly, but rather the culmination, and result of years of voter apathy, naivete, being gullible, and permitting, individuals, who aren’t ready, fit, or able, to properly serve and represent the greater good, to get elected! Perhaps, the greatest symbol. and proof of, the expression, Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts, absolutely, is the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who, often, has demonstrated, both,…

Coronavirus – Ancient Secrets of Immunity and Health Preservation

Many are unaware of how the laws of nature affect our daily lives, particularly regards Covid-19. This article presents practical detail and shows just how we may resolve this present pandemic at individual and global level. How optimizing the immune circulatory systems can change matters dramatically for the betterment of everyone.

6 Things We Must Demand From Public Leaders

How did the strongest nation, in the world, get to the point, where our public officials achieve so little, and make so many mistakes, etc? Students of history will remind us of the rise and fall of the Roman empire, Nazi Germany, the Ottoman’s, etc, and state, it demonstrates, history repeats itself, especially when we fail to learn viable, worthwhile lessons, from the past! Because, so many American voters seem politically apathetic (about half of our eligible voters, don’t even exercise that right), and, many voters, do so, based more on emotions, greeds, empty promises, and rhetoric (instead of choosing…

You Can Share a Meal With a Kenyan Family and Make a Difference

In my opinion, sharing a meal opens people up and enables a friendly comfortable conversation. A lower-class Kenyan family typically lives in a one- or two-room apartment or unit. Given the lack of space inside, children tend to spend most of their time playing outside. Each tribe of Kenya has its own traditional food such as githeri (a stew of beans and maize), rice, mukimo (mashed potato mixed with pumpkin leaves and maize), tilapia (fish from freshwater lakes around Kenya), chapatti (flat bread originating from India, Kenya has a large Indian population who have influenced the cuisine, chicken stew, zikuma wiki (kale), ugali (maize meal mixed with water to make a polenta-style dish), cabbage, and sweet potato. In Kenyan tradition, when we visit friends or family, the etiquette is to bring gifts.

How Will We Know When It’s Safe To Return?: 5 Keys

I don’t know how you, or some others, may feel, but, personally, I believe it’s probably not wise, to decide, when it’s safe and smart to reopen America, in some semblance of a new normal, based upon the opinions, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, of those politicians and public officials, whose response is, anything similar to, the cure is worse than the disease! How many more must die, or be inflicted by this horrific illness/ virus, before we witness some leadership from the Federal government? While, here, in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo, is showing empathetic, caring, true leadership,…

Trauma: Can Someone Fall Apart During Their Adult Years If They Experienced Childhood Trauma?

Even though someone can come across as strong and together, it doesn’t mean that they have a strong core and that their sense of self is built on firm foundations. However, not only can this be something that other people are unaware of, one could also be unaware of it.

Covid-19: Introduction, Symptoms and Prevention

Coronavirus, aka Covid-19, is on the list of infectious diseases. However, this is a new form of the virus and it has been discovered recently. The majority of people who get this virus suffer from mild or moderately severe symptoms.

Common Uses Of Neodymium Magnets

As far as the strength is concerned, neodymium magnets offer the highest strength. Therefore, even small units are quite effective. Since they are quite useful, you can find a versatile collection of them.

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