Shraddha Murder News LIVE: Cleric Tauqeer Blames Live-In Relationships For Rise in Crimes

Only 2%

Many people identifying themselves as investors are giving up their evenings, weekends, spare moments, and often times money to attend classes, seminars and webinars on this elusive topic of real estate investing. For this reason, I ask the question: “Why are you even here today?”

How To Be Hopeful In Challenging Times

I understand the difficult part of keeping a vision when all the evidence in life, all the day to day stuff piles up, demanding our attention, sapping our energy, taking our time. I get how these little things rob us of hope and at times can feel like they are holding us back from moving towards our goals.

Twenty Seconds To Good Health

Currently there is valid concern about the Coronavirus, specifically known as COVID-19. Federal, state and local governments, as well as NIH and the CDC are making concentrated efforts to keep us safe. We can do our parts, individually, to help. One micro-activity we can all participate in is the personal hygiene of washing our hands.

Turning Enemies Into Friends: The Ben Franklin Effect

Is it possible to turn an enemy into someone who pays you the respect you deserve? Can you build a strong positive relationship with your enemy?

A Repeat Of History

Repeat Duty, Honor, Country! Remember those hallowed words spoken from General Douglas MacArthur. They have lost their significance in the US today.

Top 10 Ways to Know If You Are on a Terrorist Watchlist

Offers help to realize if you are on a terrorist watchlist. There are 5000 America citizens on a watchlist. The reader needs to be enlightened about the terror are government uses.

New Teachers Commend Principals Who Are Instructional Leaders

New teachers commend principals who are instructional leaders, and those who encourage them to participate in professional development opportunities and get involved in the school community. Since new teachers often feel overwhelmed, they are not always sure what opportunities are available to them, how to allocate their time, or how they will be perceived if they participate in certain activities. Having guidance and support from the principal made these decisions much easier and gave teachers evidence that the principals cared about their professional development.

Farm Safety – Workplace Activity Factors

The nature of farming generates a number of areas of workplace activities that can be inherently more risky than similar activities undertaken in an office or factory environment. Work hours The length of hours that someone works on a farm is normally considerably more than those generated by someone working elsewhere. The nature of the work means that it has to be undertaken with a speed and intensity that is spread over many hours.

Why Is Planning Important in Project Management?

Planning is the bane of project management unfortunately. it is either poorly done or half done or done without commitment, which can be the reason for the first two. Planning is essentially like walking through the project “mentally”, & preparing for all the eventualities that are likely to come up, before starting the project. Its a great way to train oneself to prepare & be ready for the execution when it happens. So it is important, but we could learn why its not done well & more importantly how it is to be done in the right manner, which is what we will try to do here.

Fear, Get Out!

“The plague took about five thousand as promised, fear took millions and billions through paranoia.” There is a lot I do get, and a lot that I do not get. When panic sets in for many, I get that. So, here is the nature of survival in a nut shell or short, simple format: Courage.

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