Shraddha Murder Case: ‘We feel scared since news came out,’ Say Locals Residing Near Mehrauli Forest

Preethi Srinivasan – An Untold Story of Grid and Determination

Preethi Srinivasan (September 05, 1979) was the youngest member of the Tamil Nadu state women’s cricket team. She started representing the state at the age of 8 years and led the state team to the National championship in 1997 at the age of 17. She was a National level swimmer who has won state gold in 50m breaststroke and silver in other events. Not just in sports she was exceptional in studies as well.

The Parable of Three Pits

Just because you get what you want – or even need – that doesn’t mean it was right for you. As this fake parable shows…

Why Didn’t I Get Approved?

There are many other factors a credit analyst will consider but these five are the backbone of most credit decisions. You don’t have to be optimal in all five to get approved but at least two of the five have to be strong. If not, some lenders will allow a family member to co-sign as a guarantor on the loan which normally is a last resort for business owners. A co-signor might allow you to get approved but you still will fall in a higher risk, higher rate category. Overall, you should evaluate where you rate, fix what you can and if you decide to move forward in applying for financing at least you will be better prepared for the outcome.

Knowing and Doing

Today, many churches have started as a result of differing opinions as to what the Bible says. Instead of objectively sitting down and listening to one another, Christians talk over each other. There is not a shortage of talkers, but a famine of listeners.

Driveway Patrol Alert – Know What’s Going On!

It’s 2 am and you’re fast asleep when suddenly you are awakened by an alarm by your bed that’s NOT from an alarm clock. Just as any person who has been sleeping soundly you are probably scared. What’s happening? Then you realize that someone’s messing with your living room door handle…

The Good Electronic Games and the School Environment

We live in times of rapid and unpredictable changes. The demands of contemporary life go beyond everything that traditional school can provide for students. ducation needs to be a more flexible experience, adapting itself to kids and young people experiences and learning styles, instead of the other way around.

Sizing Domestic Water Heater Systems

Sizing a domestic water heater system constitutes an art form more than an exact science. For anything other than a small residential system, you cannot simply go to a table or chart and make your selection. Codes provide only generalizations such as “Hot and cold water shall be supplied to all sinks, lavatories, showers, etc.” They do not indicate how much hot water is required. Codes do, however, give information about pipe materials and minimum and maximum flow rates to fixtures (combined cold and hot water), and they address safety concerns such as maximum temperatures and required safety devices.

Jesus Is Your Supernatural Provider

Don’t go around day after day expecting the same thing, the same way. Jesus has greater levels for you. He is not limited by the natural! He has supernatural power! This article teaching has lots of spiritual information that most Christians overlook.

Mother Teresa – A Godly Woman

Mother Teresa (26 August 1910 – 5 September 1997) also known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta was an Albanian born Indian citizen who dedicated her entire life to serving the unwanted, poor, sick, unloved, needy, helpless, and uncared people of the world. Her original name was Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. Teresa was a Roman Catholic nun of the missionary who founded the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ in 1950 in Calcutta (now Kolkata) to serve the poorest of the poor.

Negotiate With Your Unconscious

That’s not meant to say you and your unconscious are adversaries. It’s the opposite. But there’s a negotiation tactic that works well with yourself anyway.

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