Shraddha Murder Case LIVE: Killer Aaftab Chopped Up Victim; Disposed Her Off Piece by Piece

Mexico, COVID-19 and Tourism: Should I Take That Beach Vacation Now?

As of June, 2020, Mexico has opened its borders to visitors despite the fact that COVID-19 continues, and is surging in the country. Many are now flocking to the beach resorts such as the Maya Riviera and Huatulco. But should they? Is it premature? And what about business travelers?

Health,Power And Energy

The brain is the greatest organ in your body. You see it requires a very specific type of nutrition from your diet, so you should not be surprised to know that your diet affects how your brain performs.

Help in These Difficult Times

We are all facing difficult situations with this Covid virus. Loved ones lost, isolation and loneliness, the fear and anxiety felt my so many. Not to mention the worries of the front-line workers, carers, nurses and all the other people putting their lives at risk for the benefit of others.

India-China Faceoff: Boycott Plan Is Unrealistic!

Once upon a time there were two brothers in a village. The elder brother was of the gentle and peaceful type while the younger one was openly villainous, foul and quarrelsome. After their respective marriages, the petty quarrels became serious, and so they decided to separate-building their own houses dividing the same plot of land…

How To Expand The Lifetime Value of Your Customer

Nothing is more important in your business than your customers. The more you can study what they need and find a way to deliver it to them, the longer they’ll stick with you.

Basic Fire Safety Tips for Every Workplace

Fire in a workplace can comprise the safety of employees and the public, and thus, employees should be educated on preventive measures. Every worker should be familiar with the fire risks and safety information apart from the precautionary measure to minimize possible casualties and property damages in case of a fire. Although the nature of a business might dictate how one should prepare his or her workplace, here are the fundamental tips of ensuring safety and fireproof.

The Importance of Positive Affirmations to Kick Start Your Day

If you want to be successful, positive affirmations should be part of your morning ritual. For example, if you are a business professional, you can get ready for professional meetings using morning affirmations. This will help you face challenges, reduce your frustration, and have a positive outlook on your life. In this short article, we are going to take a look at the importance of positive affirmations to start your day. Read on to find out more.

Why Hypnosis Definitely Isn’t a Placebo (Maybe)

Is hypnosis really just a placebo? Yes, but no, but maybe… and yes, but not at all how you think.

Being Creative In Craft Brewing Is Understanding a Lot About Yeast and Hops

This article did not start off to be a long read, it turned out that way because it is important to me that people can understand 2 important ingredients in making beer-Hops and Yeast. I enjoy a lot of things because when I understand the processes things just becomes more interesting. Beer is thousands of years old (say 6,000) and it is hard to imagine how hard it must have been without understand “the mystery”-how does sweet grain turn into something humans will enjoy drinking? Or what is that plant that can make this liquid smell go goo and taste so good? An why are there so many beers? I hope I have made it fun information and will be something to talk about over a cold one.

Your Attitude Will Determine Your Results

Your attitude can make you or break you, it’s all up to you. There is a famous saying by Henry Ford who said; “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” When you let a bad attitude control your thoughts you find your goals slip away.

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