Shraddha Murder Case LIVE: Aaftab Taken To Recreate Crime Scene; BJP Raises ‘Love Jihad’ Allegations

Sushmita Sen – Being a Single Mother Is Twice the Work

Sushmita Sen (19 November 1975) is an Indian actress, model and the winner of the Miss Universe pageant of 1994 making her the first Indian woman to win the crown. She defeated Aishwarya Rai to win her Miss India Title in 1994. Positive influencer Sushmita Sen lives life by example by showing unconditional love and support to her children, being financially and mentally independent, making her children independent, taking care of herself and her children, making all parenting decisions alone and creating a positive congenial home environment thereby demonstrating some wonderful benefits of being a single mother.

Tips to Slow Down Aging

The aging is a process of becoming older, which is genetically determined and environmentally modulated. It is a natural process. Everyone must undergo the process at his or her own time and pace. It denotes time-bound deterioration of physiological functions necessary for survival and fertility.

The Smarter Ways to Use Urgency Online

It’s easy to add scarcity to an offer. What’s more challenging is doing it well. When you use approaches like these, people scramble for you.

They Can Take Your Mind But They Can Never Take Your Freedom

True freedom lies in your mind. But what do you do when you mind feels drained, depleted and without purpose? You start with freedom’s other source.

The $4 Trillion Dollar Idea That Creates No Debt and Pays All Americans to Pull Together!

In this moment of crisis, with Americans so divided and fighting amongst one another, we are in dire need of a new and unique way of seeing and resolving our problems. Capital Homesteading is not brand new. But the depth of the current pandemic oriented economic crisis demands that this ingenious idea finally be given serious consideration. If you’re in favor of a free-market economy and a political democracy (a government of the people, by the people, and for the people) Capital Homesteading is a winner!

Can a Pre-Existing Condition Impact a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

People are often reluctant to disclose pre-existing conditions during a personal injury lawsuit. This is an understandable feeling given that the at-fault party’s insurance company may not want to pay out the claim willingly. They will be even less inclined to do so if they find out that a client failed to disclose pre-existing conditions.

4 Tips for Buying Wholesale Jewelry Online

Digital shopping is effortless today because it provides businesses the convenient ability to shop on the go. There is no need to stop daily operations to buy stock. A company can manage its financial portfolio from a mobile phone.

Why Hiring Digital Marketing Services Is More Important Than Ever

Digital marketing is an essential tool for any organization and especially so in times of crisis. Making an investment in digital marketing services is more important than ever and may very well be the deciding factor in your company’s survival.

How to Evolve Your Business Model As Times Change

As business owners we want to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic not only in one piece, but as successful entrepreneurs who have learned some valuable lessons. As we enter a “new normal”, customer expectations have changed. Now is the time to change your business model to meet your customer needs. Here are a few ways you can pivot your business model to meet these new customer needs.

Five Tips For Home Schooling During Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, all children received home education because the schools were closed. The primary schools in certain countries will open (in part) on May.

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