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From Rhetoric to Praxis: A Call to Global Action to End Injustice Against African Americans

A call for global solidarity and action for justice in the matter of George Floyd. A plea for solidarity with African Americans and causes like the Black Lives Matter Movement for social justice in America.

Some $*&%! Stole My Identity to Collect Unemployment Benefits

Identity theft is real. The bad guys are clever and only care about getting your money. The pain, frustration, and fear they leave in their wake means nothing to them. If you think it can’t happen to you then you’re living under a rock. As a result of my experience, I decided to compile everything I did to check for fraud activity and the steps I took once I discovered unemployment benefits fraud occurred. Hopefully these are helpful to you as well.

Chasing the Shadow of Grief

People may wonder why, after so many years, we haven’t put our grief behind us. I’ve discovered, loss of a significant loved one offers two choices to “Grieve and Go” or ” Grieve and Grow.” I’ve found meaning and purpose in chasing the shadow. I may never catch up to it; but my pursuit is based on the death of a life that changed mine forever.

Awareness and Readiness of COVID-19 – Essential to Know for Healthy Life

Awareness and Readiness of COVID-19 is essential to know about the symptoms and stay safe and protected from this deadly disease. You will learn the secrets to boost your immune system naturally.

Developing Schoolwide Vision and Implementing Strategic Plans

A key lesson learned from the decentralization experiment is the need for system-wide standards and intervention to address the challenge of student performance. The LSC (Local School Council) and its supportive network alone are not sufficient to promote educational improvement system-wide. Indeed, decentralized reform may have widened the capacity gap among schools to raise performance. Instead, districtwide leadership is needed to apply both pressure and support to schools. Such a mix of intervention strategies did not occur during the period of LSC dominance because the reform ideology with its strong antibureaucratic sentiments did not allow for the proper functioning of the central office.

Understanding System Pressure and Residential Zone Controls

Understanding system pressure and its effect on system performance is an important consideration when designing and installing forced-air zoned systems. It’s true that system pressure can be greater in zoned forced-air systems, but how zoning systems are designed by their manufacturer and installed by the local contractor have a definite impact on how the system operates and the level of comfort the home occupants enjoy. There are a number of different methods for providing pressure relief when utilizing forced-air zoning to control air distribution of conditioned air by means of motorized or pneumatic dampers.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve The Land of The Tiger

Situated in remote confines in a large state of Madhya Pradesh the tiger rules here like a Maharajahs of yore. This destination is a tiger reserve and a National Park with ncredible biodiversity and history that dates back more than two thousand years.

Booking A Tiger Safari Permit at Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is home to a large number tigers and other wild animals and birds. This makes the park an attractive travel destination for wildlife and bird watching. Tourism is organized in the park which is regulated and subject to terms and conditions.

On the Death of George Floyd and the Unanswered Questions About Black Lives: Letter to the President

The recent death of George Floyd at the hands of American police has created uproar across cities. This article, formulated as a letter to the US President, Donald Trump, calls for immediate action for legal redress.

Social Distancing and Our Habits

I’m sure like me you have seen many memes of the types of people that will come out of lockdown, from the alcoholic, fitness fanatic to the creative chef. Obviously, we will not come out of lockdown being just one type of person. We all go through different experiences and different types of learning, and whatever the experience may be, they all serve a purpose. But I have also noticed one thing that is very interesting. And it has a lot to do with the people of influence in our lives. During this lockdown, if we are not in the company of people we are usually with, it does change our habits, our mindsets as well as our behaviour…

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