Shocking: Karnataka BJP MLA Mallikarjun Muthyala Hacked To Death; Private Parts Chopped Off

Why Do Trump’s Supporters Call Opposing Information, Fake Facts?: 6 Possibilities

Throughout history, and civilization, once – powerful societies ended – up, falling – apart! Some examples, include: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire; Several Greek/ Spartan powerful societies; Lenin, Stalin, and the Czars; The Third Reich; etc. All of these, at the peak of their power, seemed to control the actions and behaviors of their supporters, either based on appealing to their fears, prejudices/ biases, greed, perceptions, or being naive and gullible, etc!

Is It A Good Thing That People Are Starting To ‘Wake Up’ To What Is Going On In The World?

Recently, a number of videos that have been made that look deeper into what is going on behind the scenes. Somewhere, in particular, that has been given a lot of attention is a place in America that is known all over the world for making films.

Fear, Malaise, Pessimism, And, No – Way – Out Of This!

With daily news reports, of all the horrific events, related to this pandemic, it should come, as no surprise, the degree of our fears, malaise, and pessimism, would be so high! With no clear – path, to a viable solution, proposed and offered, combined with the partisan behavior (especially in our Nation’s Capital), many feel strongly, there may be, no – way – out! What good, does it ever do, to proceed, with a negative, impossibility – thinking, attitude, and mind – set?

Fear Of Evil Or Faith In God-What at This Time?

Are you afraid of COVID-19 or do you have faith in God that it won’t affect you? Surely, you either have fear or faith in God at this time. And what you have determines what comes to you. So, in this article we will be examining these two emotions to determine what you have.

Trekking an Adventure With Nature

Trekking is a very relaxing and inspiring activity. After all it is one of the best things which encourage me to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. It brings me joy and happiness. I encourage everyone who meets me to at least trek once in their lives. It is not at all a difficult or complicated activity. First timer might imagine that it is a very tiresome and difficult thing to be done. However trekking is a very easy activity which can be enjoyed with friends and family. A walk in the hills cannot be tiresome.

Can You Actually Love Someone Consciously?

In the springtime of life, we are filled with expectations and hope. From the mother’s womb, we expect care from parents, affection from siblings and compassion from friends. With grey hair, you will realize one thing for sure that if you are happy in a relationship you will put all efforts. So, don’t wait for love to ensue instead make efforts to grow. Always, keep yourself motivated to love and be loved.

The Difference Between Article Spinning and Article Rewriting

Many people who want variations on existing content will often misinterpret the difference between article rewriting and article spinning (or content rewriting and content spinning). This puts the record straight.

What Are The Trademark Symbols – ®, TM, SM – Which One Should You Use?

There are three trademark symbols: the letters TM, the letters SM, and the letter R in a circle — ®. These trademark symbols have different meanings and uses. Knowing which one to use is important to preserve your trademark rights.

How to Make Healthy Tea at Home: 5 Easy Recipes for Everyone

Having tea during morning and evening gives a feeling of freshness. There are so many things to do with a cup of tea. Similarly, you can try some new recipes of tea at home. This article has 5 easy recipes for all tea lovers. Get to know about all of them and try them at home.

Summer Management For Potatoes

From the time that the plants show through the soil, the best thing that you can do for quick and healthy growth, is to use the hoe between the rows every time that the soil is dry enough. The reason for this is that the hoe will keep the weeds in check, and at the same time conserve water by forming a fine tilth.

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