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Has the internet reputation of your business been harmed by negative, misleading, or defamatory content? In the search results for a “Google” search of your company, product, or service, does the unfavorable information appear prominently? Given the openness and anonymity of the Internet, it has never been simpler to damage a company’s well-earned reputation there. A company’s reputation can be tarnished by just one angry customer’s tirade, one angry ex-post, an employee’s, or one competitor’s internet smear campaign.

Nowadays, it’s a frequent fallacy that businesses only experience internet reputation problems when they engage in unethical, illegal, or fraudulent conduct. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Reputation Resolutions works with companies of all sizes daily whose once-immaculate reputations were abruptly tarnished by unfavorable content appearing at the top of search results.

A company’s bottom line may suffer as a result of these unfavorable search results on Google and other search engines. Recent research has revealed the following:


Don’t freak out if this has happened to you or your business. To get rid of or suppress the problematic search result(s), a variety of content removal procedures and tactics might be used.

We have run into almost every problem you can think of with online reputation management since our business started in 2013. This inspired us to create the quickest and most efficient methods for restoring the internet reputations of companies that were suffering from unfavorable Google search results. We have the capacity to completely remove or suppress negative content in search results that harms your company’s reputation thanks to our hand-selected team of elite online defamation lawyers, search engine specialists, digital brand managers, PR gurus, and strategic partners.

One of the very few online reputation management companies that offer an outcome guarantee is Reputation Resolutions. You owe us nothing if we are unable to completely resolve your internet reputation issue. With clients ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 corporations, during the course of our seven-plus years in business, we have successfully assisted thousands of clients in repairing their internet reputation.


We not only provide a guarantee for our work, but we have also established ourselves as one of the most well-known and successful online reputation management companies in the country. One of the few reputation management companies with an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau is Reputation Resolutions. Reputation Resolutions has also been chosen by three independent rating agencies as one of the top five online reputation management service providers in the market. Click here to read testimonials from previous customers who have used our services.

How to genuinely erase my Google reviews (how to dispute a Google review)

Google’s review policy outlines how to leave reviews, stating that those that are false, libelous, or unsuitable will be deleted.

If you want to know how to report a fake Google review, you should know that the quickest approach to having a bad review removed is to log into your Google My Business account and choose your location. The “Reviews” section is accessible from the menu in the upper left corner. Once you’ve found the review you want Google to remove, click the three vertical dots next to it and choose “Flag as inappropriate.”

How to access the “Reviews” section of Google My Business

As an alternative, you can easily Google your own company to locate the unfavorable review on your Google My Business listing (right-hand side of the search results). You can find my Google reviews here.

Google normally needs 14 days to close a review, look through your request, and decide whether or not to take the review down. If at all feasible, request that additional persons and clients file complaints about the review as well. This will likely raise awareness of the issue and persuade Google to remove the review.

The next step is to submit the review to Google’s Small Business Support services if, for any reason, flagging it does not result in its removal from your business listing. Choose “Contact us,” “Customer reviews and images,” and then “Manage customer reviews” from the company support website. You have the option of choosing between phone, email, or web chat for assistance. Within 24 hours, help will be available.

You can now explain to Google why the review should be taken down now that you have made contact. Be prepared to explain why you think the review violates its own regulations or why it should be labeled as spam or a false Google review. The problem may be escalated to a senior review specialist, who will make the final decision if the support staff is unable to remove the review themselves. If the answer is still “no,” you might have more success hiring a content removal business.



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