SC Must Use ‘Same Parameter’ For All Prisoners: Lawyer KK Manan As Rajiv Gandhi’s killers Walk Free

Divorce Recovery and Early Dating: When Is It OK to Start Dating Again?

This article answers the question, “When is it OK to start dating again?” Is the real question, “When is it OK to start dating again?” Or is it, “When can I start looking for my next long-term, committed relationship?” Beware! The second question often is disguised as the first one. Hint: Are you wanting to start dating to enjoy your freedom from the attachments of marriage or are you adding to your attachments to the past?

Critical Thinking: Is Humanities Existence Under Threat From The Collective Unconscious?

Once something has been pushed out of someone’s conscious mind, it can seem as though it has disappeared. This could be something that takes place in a very short period of time or it could take a little while longer.

A Great Leader SEEKS Answers!

Although, the size, type, heritage, purpose, and mission, may vary, every quality leader, regardless of the group, represented, SEEKS answers, in order to proceed, consistently, in the wisest, possible manner! This necessity, applies, whether, the represented entity, is a civil one, political/ public service – type. religious organization, or any other one!

The Dangers Of The Politics Of DIVISION

Although, there has always been, a considerable amount of partisan politics, in our America system, perhaps, never – before, have we witnessed, the degree of polarization, and divisiveness, as we are, today! Many feel, our Founding Fathers, envisioned, a nation, where public officials, even when they disagreed, attempted, to work together, for the common good! For a little over a decade (or, even more), the politics of DIVISION, have, become, the somewhat – normal, behavior, etc.

Are You Enough?

What would it mean if YOU were enough? All the things you need to have a successful business.

Childhood Wounds: Can Someone’s Adult Life Be A Manifestation Of Their Childhood Wounds?

In general, it is believed that once someone is an adult, their childhood years will be well and truly behind them. It could be said that this is to be expected, considering that they will look like an adult.

Bravado And Bluster Is Different From STRONG Leadership!

Whether one, becomes a civic, social, business (for – profit), not – for – profit, organizational, or public leader, the reality is, articulating, bravado, and bluster, is not the same as STRONG leadership! After, over four decades of involvement, in nearly, all aspects of leadership, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, as well as potential leaders, and working on many political campaigns, I have come to believe, being a genuine, real leader, takes a variety of skills, and assets, and not, merely, articulating any self – promoting rhetoric, and empty promises! With that in mind,…

Repeating A Lie, Often, Still, Doesn’t Make It True!: 6 Examples

Unfortunately, the story of Pinocchio, where the puppet’s nose, grew, everytime, he told a lie, is simply, a tale, and, in real life, often, the public’s ability to differentiate, between, actual facts, and various degrees of lying, is not, as simple! How could it be, the opponents, and supporters, of President Donald Trump, have such a significant difference of opinion, about the validity, and truth of so many, of his statements? The recent, Republic National Convention, has clearly demonstrated this, where, the apparent, use of revisionist history, political spin, and what seems to be, outright – lies, has seemed to effectively,…

If You Let Them Get Away With This, Our NATION Has Lost Its Way!

Recent surveys seem to indicate, many Americans are experiencing a feeling of unease, sadness, disappointment, and disillusion, about the current atmosphere, and state of affairs, withing this NATION. The accelerated, level of partisan politics, where there, often, seems to be, little, to no willingness, to seek any type of meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, plus the degree of vitriol, constant lying and distortions, etc, have reached a boiling – point, where one segment of America, has been, continuously, pitted, against another, predominantly for certain individual’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than the common…

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Can Help Your Business

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a solution for your business management. It will help a company connect all their different branches like their sales, financials, operations, and more to build coherence within the company for better decision-making. With the Dynamics 365 implementation, you can efficiently extend, tailor, and create applications based on your business needs.

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