‘Russia Will Have To Pay High Price’: Zelenskyy Reiterates Warning To Putin As Ukraine War Drags On

So, How Long Do You Think It Will Be Until Chinese Banks Offer US Consumers Credit Cards?

Occasionally, I get in an interesting debate and argument with those who say that it is okay to deal with China even though our trading partner is manipulating its currency, and working very hard to unbalance the playing field. They tell me that eventually China’s middle class will grow, and then they will start buying products from the United States, that eventually their currency will have to come into balance, and the government can’t hold it down forever.

Why Are Humanity’s Biggest Problems So Complex? That’s What Makes Them Problems in the 1st Place

The other day, I was talking to an individual about joining our think tank and we got onto the topic of global oil supply, natural resources, and free and fair trade with China. Indeed, this opened up quite a few other side topics such as military arms races, proprietary information theft, and currency manipulation. We also got into the Iranian nuclear weapons crisis, and freedom and liberty throughout the world. Then my acquaintance made an interesting statement; “we can go on and on, but this is a very complex subject, and it’s a big problem.”

Best Ways for Expats to Stay in Touch

When expats move away, they often times lose communication with their loved ones. However, with the help of technology they are able to stay in contact better and bridge the geographic gap.

Measuring and Monitoring Farm Production and Land Use Indicators in Developing Countries

This article outlines the challenges faced by development agencies in measuring, monitoring and tracking land usage indicators such as farm production. It looks at the errors and problems with existing approaches and outlines a statistical approach that has been trailed successfully in Northern Mozambique.

The UN, G-20, NATO, EU, and Other International Organizations Could Use Some Help

Recently, an acquaintance made an interesting comment to me, he said that maybe working together with many nations to build a space colony or develop a long-term space mission might do more good bringing people of the world together than NATO or the UN, and you know what? I think he might be correct in that.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The tragedy happened during the mid-night of December 2-3, 1984, when water entered inside a tank containing tons of M.I.C. The resulting reaction increased the temperature inside the tank to over 200 °C and thus raised the pressure. About 30 metric tons of methyl isocyanate escaped from the tank into the atmosphere with in half an hour.

Why Kate Middleton Captures The World

A few years ago she was unknown. She was just another Brit living a normal English life, going to school, wondering what the future may hold for her. Then…

Kennedy Ng’ang’a: Artist and Philanthropist

Kennedy Ng’ang’a is an artist and philanthropist living in Mombasa, Kenya. This article and interview are about his courage to live life despite his disability.

Love Thy Neighbor – The View Of Iran From Across The MENA Region

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), stated that it believes Iran has developed the technology required to produce nuclear weapons and appears to have conducted extensive research on a miniaturized warhead that could be delivered by medium range missiles. The report from the UN agency, comes as Israeli officials consider military action against Tehran and will raise questions over which avenues the International community and particularly the United States (which has imposed an arms ban and an almost total economic embargo on Iran), has left to pursue. A recent poll examines the reaction across MENA to the publication of the IAEA’s report. For the poll, 2000 residents were interviewed from a panel of 240,000 MENA residents.

Introducing Cameroon “Africa in Miniature”

Cameroon as you may know or not know is a rather small, but rich country in terms of cultural, climatic, and biodiversity like the size of San Francisco. It’s a country with a unique history and where history is being made every single day. Because of it’s so much uniqueness and cultural, linguistic and historic as well as geographic and climatic diversity some historians and geographers has often refer to it as “Africa in miniature”. In other words it is all of the African continent displayed in a single country and people.

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