Republic Reports From Ukraine Russia War Zone; Here Are Highlights Of Day 26 Of Russia’s Invasion

Prospect of Employment in New Zealand in 2010

In line with the vast majority of countries around the world, the New Zealand economy began to fall back in 2007 as the ongoing issue of the credit crunch began to hit home with more and more people suffering financial ruin. The sudden drop-off in economic activity in New Zealand led to what was the worst recession seen in the country in 30 years and it has to be said that many people were concerned about the short to medium term plight of New Zealand itself. However, these very people will be surprised to learn that the economy is now fighting fit and looking to the future!

Panic, Desperation and Chaos in Haiti

On Jan. 12, 2010, one of the poorest countries in the world, Haiti, was struck by the worst hurricane in 200 years. It was 7.0 in magnitude. With the Haiti Earthquake aftermath, panic, desperation and chaos is felt by all.

On the Devastating Earthquake in Haiti

Haiti, a country in ruins and its people in misery. The world has come to give you a hand and to help you get back on your feet.

Shortage of Food, Water, and Shelter Threatens to Worsen Situation in Haiti

Last week’s massive earthquake in Haiti was one of the most devastating natural disasters of the 21st century. The world has not seen devastation on this scale since the Asian tsunami that struck on Christmas Day in 2004.

Enforcing International Law

Where actions involve the use of force against others, we not only deprive those against whom we strike the protection of the law, we also deprive ourselves of the protection of that law. We become, literally, outlaws.

Guam Government – Steps to Assist Foreign Investors

GEDA (Guam Economic Development Authority) located in International Trade Center, Guam, has recently started desk service for all the potential investors. The services which are being offered to the prospective investors are Industry Research, Pre Visit Meeting Schedule and meeting with government entities to ensure you the best support from the Government.

The American Red Cross Mobilizes For Haitian Relief

Within hours of the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti last week, the American Red Cross had begun mounting a massive relief effort, loading Miami-based planes with food and water, distributing thousands of blankets, plastic sheets and other supplies, pledging one million dollars of its own money and partnering with Verizon Wireless on a text campaign that would allow other concerned citizens to contribute more. (As of January 18, this partnership and donations via their website and direct telephone line have generated eighty-seven million dollars.)

Dell Offers Support to Haiti Online

Since the devastating earthquake in Haiti happened, everyone is trying to extend a hand to the country in need. There are millions of people suffering from this occurrence and Dell wants to assist with sending over extra help. The company has an entire list of different relief efforts for people to choose from right on their website.

The Rapa Nui Genocide

At the height of their civilization, the Rapanui’s numbered around 7,000. Fishing vessels fed the population and large statues called Moai were erected around the coast to serve as the embodiment of former and current Ariki Moas. But this thriving civilization would not last.

Helping in Haiti

In the aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, the United States has taken the lead in bringing relief to the suffering people of that ravaged country. The cost is estimated to be 100 million and there are many in the United States questioning the practicality of spending that kind of money when our country is running a deficit in the trillions.

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