Republic Confronts TMC MP Abu Taher Khan Whose Car Allegedly Crushed 4-yr-old To Death

How Great Leaders GROW Their Groups, Despite Adversities?

Every organization, at one time, or another, faces certain adversities, and obstacles, and, what differentiates the most relevant, sustainable ones, from the rest- of – the – pack, often, depends on the direction, planning, priorities, and effectiveness of its leaders! Great leaders realize it is essential, to consistently, GROW their groups, whether obstacles are thrust in their path, or not, while lesser ones, often use, these events and occurences, as excuses, and something, convenient to blame, and complain about! Blaming and complaining, rhetoric, empty promises, populist statements, etc, don’t get things done, which requires effective planning, focus, and true leadership!

Blame Doesn’t Help!: 4 Issues

Although, Donald Trump, both, when he campaigned for office, as well as since he became President, in January 2017, often articulated a message, based on blaming and complaining, doing so, serves little purpose, unless/ until, accompanied with a viable, action plan, to effectively address, the needs and priorities of our nation! When he ran, he blamed his opponent, often – falsely, for a wide variety, of conspiracy theories, and, effectively, convinced his core supporters, his fake facts, were the real ones! Since, elected, he often, blamed his predecessor, President Obama, for almost everything, he disagreed with!

5 Priorities Needed, To Address Pandemic Risks, Now, And In The Future

While we all, around the world, are currently, feeling, and will probably, for a period to come, the effects, both, health – related, as well as economic, etc, (of this pandemic), instead of focusing on what’s most needed, and necessary, several politicians, seem to be embracing, the politics as usual, rhetoric, and populism, which has been prevalent in this nation, for some time, but exacerbated, seemingly exponentially, these last three years! What we truly need, and is essential for citizens to demand, is from this point – on, these 5 priorities are needed, to protect the citizens of the world, and…

Living The Graveyard Shift

Strategies and suggestions for working the graveyard shift. Encouragement for those who work nights.

Emotionally Frozen: Can Someone Become Emotionally Frozen If They Experienced Trauma As A Child?

Now, although someone will have a head and a body, it doesn’t mean that they will find it easy to connect to what is taking place in their body. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to connect to the sensations in their body; no, what it means is that it can be hard for them to connect to how they feel.

Four Strategies Every Online Educator Needs for a Work-Life Balance

Online educators have been implementing the work-at-home model long before there was the 2020 crisis. Some referred to it as “teaching in your pajamas” – because of the nature of the job, which often meant for many, working a full-time position during the day while teaching as an adjunct during the evening hours. Those who are in a full-time position may still find themselves working during both daytime and evening hours, simply due to the needs of the learners and the requirements of classroom management. I’ve been in both roles over the past 15 years, and my ability to balance a professional and personal life has come about through time and practice.

Authentic-Transformational Leadership

This leadership style merges the best aspects of Authentic and Transformational Leadership. Combining these traits and giving it a new name does not create a new leadership style. It takes more. This article outlines the underlying aspects of this new leadership style and discusses how leaders can incorporate it into their own lives. Integrity is the foundation of this leadership style.

Parents Trust Your Instincts!

Let’s not let the “experts” be cognitive misers. How to do our own thinking regardless of what the experts say.

Key Rings Provide Key Control

I have written articles in the past regarding key rings and what they can do to protect your keys. In this article I will explain how Key Rings can help you control your keys.

Why Is Food Hygiene So Important?

Food preparation process involves a lot of steps. One of the most important parts is known as food testing. This is vital because we can’t deny the importance of food hygiene whether it’s a home, retail store, restaurant or food factory.

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