Rajiv Gandhi’s Killers Walk Free After SC Orders Premature Release Of All 6 Convicts | LIVE News

Trump’s Game Plan: DENY!

I’ll always remember, when, a few years ago, a friend of mine, who, happened, to be, an attorney, semi – jokingly stated, he often gives the same advice to his clients, DENY, deny, deny! If you are, among, those, who believes, this President’s way of operating, reminds you, of, a criminal enterprise, we must marvel, at how, consistently, easily, Donald Trump, proceeds, to articulate, these type of denials, whenever accused of any wrong, and/ or, questionable activities/ doings! The consistent pattern, and combination, of articulating, his ever – changing, narratives, denials, and apparent pattern, of being, free – and – easy, with the truth…

Fear Versus Trust, Courage, and Calmness

During this pandemic we are all battling the worst of our demons. If you like to eat or drink too much, or find that watching too much TV is an enjoyable way to pass the time, take a second to re-think this mindset. In fact, this is a great time to change this lifestyle and set goals for the day that you’re free to live your life normally again, better than before.

Esoteric Meaning Behind Jesus and Apostles Crossing Lake to Other Side

For those delving deep into the true meanings behind the scriptures, beyond surface literal teachings, then this is a must read article. When decoded esoterically, Mark 4-35 up to Mark 5-2 in their literal format, bear no resemblance whatsoever to what their author intended, as we shall see. Be prepared for some wonderful soul nourishing insights.

Parents Let’s Wear Out Rather Than Rust Out!

Parents at rest, tend to stay at rest. Those in motion, stay in motion. Stay in motion so you can create awesome memories with your family.

Divorce Recovery and Early Dating: Should I Start Dating Again? 8 Good Reasons and 8 Bad Reasons

This article answers the question, “Now that I am divorced, is it a good idea to start dating again?” Dating after divorce should be a time to enjoy becoming unfettered from the past and looking forward to the future. However, it is often hard to tell whether our dating is truly “unfettering” us or actually tightening the shackles to the past we hope to break.

Current Perspectives in Sales

“A good salesperson can sell anything to anyone.” True or false? The statement infers a salesperson who has mastered the skill of selling, possess the ability to convince any person to buy any product or service. This is a myth.

Why to Watch Movies?

It’s not just that we’re going to the movies more often. We’re also just as interested in film culture as we’ve ever been. Going to the movies is not only about blowing off steam and having a laugh.

Critical Thinking: Is A Lack Of Self-Awareness One Of The Biggest Problems In Today’s World?

If someone was asked to talk about some of the biggest global challenges, they could mention the things that most people are aware of. For example, they could talk about climate change, poverty, inequality, and terrorism.

Women Fake Orgasm to Reassure Men’s Sexual Ego

Men need to believe that women want intercourse. Women use faking to speed up male orgasm. Foreplay can make sex more onerous for a woman.

6 Most Common Mistakes That New Bitcoin Traders Make

Are you thinking of getting started in the world of crypto trading? If so, make sure you avoid the most common mistakes. You will be better than most of crypto traders by avoiding these mistakes.

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