Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Convict Nalini Speaks To Republic; ‘Saw The Worst Of Life In 32 Years’

Why Real Leaders Need A Quality PLAN?

While, it is possible, for a short – period, for groups, organizations, of public entities, to succeed, despite the direction and quality of their leaders, in the longer – term, the success, relevance, and sustainability, often/ generally, depends on the ability to conceive of, create, and implement, a well – considered, action plan, based on dedication, to professionally designed, strategic planning! In order to be a real leader, one must commit to following a quality PLAN, based on the specific needs, heritage, perceptions, and priorities, of the specific entity. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine,…

COVID 19 Is Still Around!: Don’t Be Foolish, Or Ignore Public Health!: 5 Keys

We are currently, experiencing, one of the most horrific, health crises, in recent history! Some nations have appeared to have handled, and control it, far better, than others, but, unfortunately, the United States, has proceeded, poorly, compared to many others! With about 4.

Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Believe That They Will Die If They Reveal Their True-Self?

What someone could find, that’s if they were able to take a step back and to reflect on their life, is that they are typically out of touch with most of their needs and feelings. Thus, instead of paying attention to what is taking place within them and allowing this information to play a big part in how they live their life, they will look towards others.

Do You Know The FLIGHT Of A True Leader?

After, over four decades of involvement, in nearly, all areas of leading, leadership planning, and training, it is especially, concerning, to me, to witness, the lack of preparation, and, so many individuals, who seem, either, overwhelmed, ill – prepared, unwilling, or unable, to effectively serve and represent, their organization, and constituents! This, apparent, trend, which seems to be, a dearth of genuine leaders, is occurring in nearly, all – sized, groups and organizations, and, in all areas, including, civic, professional, social, and public arenas! As a professional trainer, as well as having, served, as a leader, on several occasions, for…

Is It Time to Venture Outdoors?

After several weeks of lockdown and social isolation it’s fair to say that there are many diverse reactions to the easing of restrictions.Now that it’s coming time to venture more outdoors some people can hardly wait for the freedom to get out and circulate, catch up with family and friends, visit their familiar haunts. They may have a job or business that needs to be focused on and brought back up to speed. But others are understandably wary and cautions, apprehensive about venturing out again.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold examines the consequences of bereavement. friends, family, acquaintances alike have to cope with the void of loss and the gap left by a victim’s absence changes the lives of all who knew her.

Features and Benefits of Windshield Washer Fluid

As far as road safety is concerned, most of us don’t realize the importance of a clean windshield. It can be difficult for you to drive with a dirty windshield, not to mention that it can be a safety hazard. If you invest in a good quality windshield washer, you can remove bugs, dust, and dirt from your windshield.

It’s Not All Bad

The pandemic that arrived in late 2019 seems to have frozen much of our world. Since it arrived there have been school closures, significant economic ramifications, government regulations to self-isolate, and restricted travel. An attitude for citizens consisting of fear and confusion due to mixed messages is also evident.

Are Things Worse Than Ever?

I find it interesting to discuss the state of our world and how it has changed. Some people believe that it has gotten far worse over time. Others focus on positive advancements.

My Responsibility – Not Just Rights

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could control everything? Well, maybe not! I can remember when, in my youth, I would think that I had some amazing ideas and if God would just appoint me to his Board of Directors, I could enact them.

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