Railway Minister Assures Thorough Probe Into Udaipur Track Explosion; ‘Terror Angle Being Probed’

How to Tell If You’re Willful or Strong Willed

Willfulness is a sign of control and impedes recovery. Yet, being strong-willed is a virtue. Learn the cause of wilfulness and how to tell if you’re wilful.

How to Improve Your ECommerce Website

Now is the prime time to maintain an eCommerce website because consumers are spending more time online. But there are some common problems that often come up when you have an online store. So here are four issues you can face and the solutions to those issues, so you can improve your eCommerce store.

How To Make A Killing In The Experts Industry

The “Experts Industry” dates back 2400 years and the cream de la cream of the industry command attention, power, and money. Talking about money, indeed it’s the only industry in the planet where you need only brain power, elocution, and charisma, to make a killing, or if you prefer a more gentlemanly-word, a fortune. The self-help industry is so lucrative today, thanks to the internet, that you can literally mint millions within a twinkling of an eye if you knew the right strategies. It’s time you jumped into the industry to carve out your own piece of the sweet pie.

Can A Good Tasting Dieting Help You Lose Weight?

There are many diet’s available to help you achieve your weight goals. Many of these will allow to loss weight with a nutritious and good tasting diet. You now might be asking what are these diets?

Do Not Be Unequally Yoked With Unbelievers

“Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness.

Bird in a Snare (The Lord Hani Mysteries) by N.L. Holmes

“Bird in a Snare” is the foundation stone of “The Lord Hani Mysteries”, a historical series that plays out in Ancient Egypt. N. L.

Ensure A Brighter Future!: 4 Keys

If, we fail to learn important lessons, from the current/ recent, events, since the onset of this horrific pandemic, as well as the apparent lack of genuine leadership, we seem to be experiencing, instead of becoming better, stronger, and more – prepared, we will simply, find future challenges, even more disturbing, challenging, and difficult, to overcome! It does little good, to simply, dwell on what we’ve done wrong, and/ or, to simply, seek to blame someone (even, if that’s warranted), but, if we can learn, and become better, we will take essential steps, towards a brighter future! While, some, seem…

Denying It Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t So!: 5 Examples

Regardless of, whether supports (and believes in), Donald Trump, or feels, he is unfit, to hold the highest office in our land, or anywhere, in – between, there should be universal agreement, this President is the absolute, master, in the art of denial/ denying! However, as we should have known, and must be aware of, by – now, just because you deny, or want something, to go – away, or be different than it actually is, doesn’t make it happen! How many times have we witnessed, this man’s agenda/ game – plan, of denying, blaming and complaining, and, changing his…

Presidential Pardons: Constitutional, But Politically Abused!: 5 Examples

The United States Constitution, and several significant judicial rulings, since, place a significant amount of power, independence, and rights, in the hands of the holder, of the highest office in our land! One of these, is the power of the President to issue pardons, and clemency, to anyone convicted of a Federal crime. Although, many Presidents, have made, somewhat, questionable decisions/ moves, what we have seen, from President Donald Trump, is unprecedented, in both, its degree, as well as apparent abuse.

Divorce Recovery “Mindset Choice” No. 1: What Do You Mean the “Hard Work Is Just Beginning?”

This article answers the question, “Now that the divorce is final, what’s so wrong about sitting back and taking it easy?” If I want to enjoy my life after divorce, what should my mindset be for divorce recovery? Getting divorced was pretty much about reacting to what the other side did. Recovering from divorce is more about taking action on the post-divorce issues and problems in order to create a successful life after divorce.

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