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Jowls & Such

In many ways, food is the glue that holds friendships together. Shared food is a heartfelt gift of your kindness to others. God sent manna from Heaven to feed the Hebrew people in the wilderness, one of many symbolic references to food in The Bible. You can give your grace to others by fixing something good to eat. Share what you have made with your loving hands.

One Decision to Make Change Exciting

Imagine you’re in a comfortable groove playing nice in the sandbox… and then everything changes.  Change is inevitable.  Things are always changing and we get off balance.

Find Your Fierce

You want to have impact with your business. You’ll have a lot more impact if you get in touch with your fierce.

Say, No More, To Public Leaders!: 4 Examples

Isn’t it, about time, for American citizens, to demand better, and more, from their elected, public officials? Who should these individuals, serve and represent, themselves, or their constituents? We’ve witnessed too much of these behaviors, which seem to, not only continue, but become more accentuated, because, the public lets them get away with their behavior!

10 Keys To Better Future Public Leadership

If you don’t recognize, this nation has suffered from a dearth of genuine leaders, in a majority of public, elected positions, you are either, not paying sufficient attention, naive, or willing to accept, far less, than the representation, we should expect, and, truly, need! True leaders would, consistently, put their constituent’s best interests, and well – considered, policies, first, before, any partisan, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest. In the past few years, we have witnessed an escalation in these undesirable behaviors, but, especially, during these current crises, in terms of public health/ pandemic, and racial injustices, etc,…

Critical Thinking: Is The Mainstream Media The Puppet Master Of The Masses?

If someone was asked if they could remember a time when the mainstream media has lied, it might not take them long to think of something. In fact, a number of examples of when this has taken place could enter their mind.

Ramifications Of Escalating Trade War With China

Although, many of his predecessors complained about specific behaviors of China, especially, in terms of human rights, copyright/ trademark infringements, forgeries, dumping products (selling specific products at an artifically low price), etc, most of them seemed to have enough wisdom, expertise, and quality advice, to realize, the United States, and China, have somewhat of a love/ hate relationship, combined with a true, symbiotic relationship, where they complained about the other, while recognizing, they also needed each other, in many ways. On the other hand, the current occupant of the White House, seems to have a contrary view/ perspective, and often, follows his gut,…

8 Steps To Buy A Used Car

If you are going to purchase a car for the first time, it can be a difficult task for you. For most people, buying a car is a big purchase. Therefore, you may want to be careful, especially if you are going to consider a used car.

3 Tips to Help You Buy Custom Basketball Jerseys

If you are on this page, you may be getting ready for your upcoming basketball tournament. You have completed your training sessions and got a couple of sponsors to get the required funding. The only thing you need to do is to get basketball jerseys.

Top Tips to Buy Fishing Carts

The role of a fishing cart is to help you carry all the fishing equipment you need for the day at your desired location. In these units, you can carry a lot of fishing stuff, such as coolers, hooks, poles, and so on. Let’s find out more about these units Benefits of a Fishing Cart Given below are a few benefits that you can enjoy if you invest in a good fishing cart.

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