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Early History Of This Corona Virus, Discoverer, How, When, Forgotten, Dominance In 2020

Who discovered Corona virus? When it was discovered? How was it discovered? Where was it discovered? Why that person was not honored up to now? Is that person male or female? How did he/she lived or living?These questions arise to any lay person in the public in any part of the world? All these questions are not in the public view previously, for, there was no interest! We have the answers to all questions in the body of this article due to the pandemic dominance of Corona-19.

Novel Initiatives Taken By India To Control The Pandemic COVID-19

Recent statistics on the Worldometer have shown that over 9,000 people in India have tested Coronavirus positive. The fatal pandemic has created a havoc, with a staggering number of 330 deaths. Considering this emergency situation, many states have extended the lockdown till the 30th of April.

Has Community Transmission Begun in India?

The entire nation is going under 21 days of lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus. Despite that, it seems like the government’s efforts are not going well with the rapidly-changing circumstances. The graph of people getting infected has shown a steep growth in the last 5-7 days.

Self-Knowledge: Can Someone End Up Being Victimised By Their Own Unconscious Mind?

When it comes to day-to-day life, if someone’s inner world is mentioned it is likely to relate to what is going on in their conscious mind. Also, if one was to reach out for external support and ended up working with a counsellor/therapist, the same thing could take place.

Why Science Matters?: 4 Examples

Former New York City Mayor, Presidential Candidate, corporate leader, and one of the world’s greatest philanthropists, Michael Bloomberg, often cites, the focus and basis of his core philosphy, In God we trust – all others bring data! Unlike President Donald Trump, who has articulated a message, of climate – change denial, environmental disdain, and proclaiming, he knows more than some of the so – called, experts/ scientists, this pandemic, and the future of our planet (especially, related to climate and environmental issues), we need a public leader, who realizes, recognizes, and believes, science matters, and is essential! With that in mind, this…

Why We Need The FINEST Public Leaders?

For those, who felt, it didn’t really matter, who they voted for, and therefore, either, paid insufficient attention, voted based on populist, empty rhetoric and/ or promises, or felt, they were merely, voting for the lesser of two evils, these past three years, should have clearly demonstrated, the error/ fault, in that reasoning! For the first time, in 2016, the United States’ electorate, voted – in, someone with name recognition/ some celebrity, and the ability to inspire his core supporters, instead of opting for the best qualified candidate, who, either, previously held some sort of public/ elected office, or, at…

Things to Ponder

The pandemic can be difficult to navigate and if we aren’t careful, we might find that we are developing an anxiety disorder. It is very important that you not only remain physically healthy but also enjoy good mental health so you might find the following to help you. A little anxiety is a good thing because it can keep us sharp!

It Feels Like the 1950s

The pandemic that we have been experiencing has caused so many changes in our lives. I was thinking the other day that a lot of what we are doing reminds me of growing up in the 1950s: Travel – I remember when, in grade eleven, my parents decided that it would be important for our family to go on our first major trip. We drove to British Columbia where we stayed with a family friend in his cabin on Vancouver Island.

A Wonderful Role Model

In April Queen Elizabeth II celebrated yet another birthday. She is now 94 years of age! She and her husband, Prince Philip who will have his 98th birthday this year are isolated in Windsor Castle because of the pandemic.

Spring Isn’t Cancelled!

I grew up in Saskatchewan but have to admit that winter isn’t my favourite season. I always really look forward to spring and here is why: Nature wakes up – Leaving my patio door open allows me to hear the birds singing and feel the warm breezes. Ice that trapped the river has melted, the trees are budding, and thoughts go to the planting gardens and crops.

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