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You Better Be Ready

Technology is making it easier for Cyber Criminals to gain access to your personal information. No one is safe. More than ever, we need to act to protect ourselves. It happened to me. Read on.

5 Key Reasons, The Census Matters

Since, it was created, in around, 1787, the United States, performs, by – law (in fact, in the Constitution), every 10 years, a Census. The purpose, is to attempt, to somewhat, accurately, count, and account – for, every individual, living in this country, whether citizens, or not! It is an absolutely, confidential process, and every enumerator, is, sworn, to maintaining, the integrity of the process.

Will You Support Right – To – Assemble, And Respecting Police, While Opposing Criminality?

Are you willing to, support, the Constitutional Right – to – Assemble, while, also respecting the essential need, for Police, in order to serve and protect, the public, and make us, capable of living, in a safer environment? Unfortunately, largely, because of the numerous abuses of power, using excessive force (sometimes, deadly), the Black Lives Matter, movement, has received, much – deserved, attention, and consideration. Why must this movement, and the need to end the systemic racism, which exists, in so many aspects, of American life, possibly, over – react, and demand, a significant reduction, in police funding, etc?

Aren’t You Tired Of Partisan Politics, Instead Of Relevant, Viable Solutions? 4 Examples

Although, American politics, and the ensuing system, has always been, somewhat, partisan, never, in recent memory, have we witnessed, as much adversarial, polarizing, non – productive evidence/ proof, of this, as we are presently, witnessing, and experiencing! Not only does this, create a stale – mate, and create, very little productivity, in a relevant, sustainable manner, but, these past few years, has created a degree of polarization, which is, also, dangerous, and counter – productive! It seems, in nearly every case, even when it seems, common sense, would dictate taking action, sooner, rather than later, the same challenges, remain addressed,…

L&I Claim Closed – How to Reopen a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Washington State?

If the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) closes your L&I claim or workers’ compensation claim, then you might be able to reopen it. However, if your L&I claim closed, it’s important to note that L&I doesn’t automatically reopen claims. In fact, your case must meet certain criteria to reopen an L&I claim.

A Simple Guide to Buying an Inflatable Blower Fan

If you already have inflatable stuff like a jumping castle, inflatable slides, promoting inflatables or similar items, you need an inflatable blower that can be relied on for ordinary safe operation. Read on to know more. First of all, these blowers offer various levels of horsepower, running from ¼ HP to 2 HP relying upon your requirements.

Importance of Buying a Centrifugal Air Mover

Centrifugal air movers are ideal for drying applications and are regularly utilized by experts in the water damage restoration industry. They can be utilized to blow away dust during demolition or accelerate drying times for drywall and paint jobs – expediting all of those procedures that consistently take up your time. This sort of air mover makes an exceptionally focused airflow by routing the air through a series of ducts, dampers and different segments.

Divorce Recovery Mindset Choice No. 5: Keep Your Eye on the Prize or Be Distracted by Emotions?

This article answers the question, “Are you willing to stay focused on what it takes to make a successful recovery from divorce, or will you be sidetracked by tempting emotional excursions?” Are you willing to keep your eye on the prize which is eliminating all attachments to your ex and your life together? Or will you choose to relive the emotions of the past and thereby bog down your recovery from divorce to a veritable crawl?

What to Do When You Find Yourself Getting Upset

There are many things around us constantly bothering us. They vary from small to big things. And we start to feel upset. In this article, I cite a few ways you can escape from feeling upset.

Madras Curry

A sauce can be used by a chef to pique interest in diners whom he or she has served a dish of otherwise common ingredients. The more storied the sauce, the greater that interest might become.

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