‘Projection Of Future Seems To Be Bright, Not Gloomy’, Says The New Indian Founder From G20 Grounds

Pragmatopience A Post Post Modern Philosophy

Pragmatopience is a new Post-post modern philosophy taken from Pragmatism, Utopian and Sapience. Pragmatism is explained through materialist humanism. Utopian is examined through dialogic democratic solidarity and Sapience through problem solving.,

Hero’s Journey: The Best Way to Begin a Writing Career

The theme of the hero myth occurs in every culture, in every time. It’s a story template which involves a hero who goes on an adventure.ero’s journey is a ready-made analysis for your story: through it you can expand an idea into a story. The essence of story is transformation. Hero’s journey revels clearly the process of transformation of the characters in the story.

Project Summaries

When an organization executes a certain number of projects over a period of time it needs to compute certain summaries for the purposes of evaluating the performance of the company. Some of the metrics that need to be computed are net effort variance or the variance of the total effort with respect to the planned effort. During the project planning phase a project manager estimates the effort required to complete a task.

Fresh Milk Machine

Chaikapi now offers you the best quality fresh milk machine to provide you the best quality instant milk which would not only help you to freshen up but also would provide you the necessity elements that are needed to keep you fit and fine. Our exports to the global market give our products the quality validation.

The Two Words That Can Hugely Profit Or Totally Destroy Your Online Writing Business

If you want to make money writing or set up your own online writing business, there are two words of advice that are crucial to your success. Not only are these two words imperative for you to know, but if you ignore them, you’ll fail. You’ll not only fail as a writer or as an online entrepreneur, but you’ll fail at everything you ever try and do. In fact, you probably ignore these two words of advice already which is why your life always stays at the same mediocre level. Want to know what this advice is? Then read on.

One of These Days the Pandemic Will Be Passed and What Will You Do?

One of these days, the pandemic will be gone. We will no longer live in fear. When that days comes, what will you do?

Why Using Sex to Hook Men Does Not Work And What to Do Instead

Do you use sex as a bait to get men involved? Have you considered the downside of it?

Replace Volume, Diminish Lines & Revitalize The Lips Using Dermal Filler

As we get older our lips become less supple and fine lines and wrinkles become more obvious. Lipstick can highlight these problems as the lipstick can bleed into the lines and instead of enhancing your facial feature, it tends to draw attention to the deepening lines.

What Makes One Happy

Sometimes, we tend to put other people’s happiness first before our own. We make excuses for the reasons why we neglect our needs. However, we seldom realized that our own happiness matters.

Growing Up Black in America

This article looks at the challenges of growing up black in America. It looks at advantages and disadvantages caused by being born with limited choices. America is not the land of the free and home of the brave for many black Americans

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