Priyank Kharge Lashes Out At BJP Over ‘Missing’ Posters; Vows To Not Let BJP Into His Constituency

It Only Takes Two To Get Married

My mom and dad were married on July 4, 1951. That morning mom went shopping for blue shoes to match her wedding dress. She knew that stores in Regina closed at noon on Wednesdays back then, but she needed the shoes as the ceremony was scheduled for one o’clock that day.

Growing Strong and Beautiful

Every year I put a few pots of annuals on my condo’s deck. The other day I was disappointed to see that a storm had blown off all the blossoms from my trailing petunias. They were lying on the deck and needed to be swept away.

Responding to Trouble

I find it so interesting that different people can have exactly the same things happen to them but each will respond in a different manner. One person might get drunk. Another might attempt suicide.

Some People Enjoy Abstract Eroticism & Fantasy

Some people are more interested in eroticism than others. Eroticism is defined in terms of male erotic turn-ons. Women have no need for porn given men’s sexual willingness.

A Family Stare Off Competition

During the last several months, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I have spent some quality time together. I’m assuming this is quality time, but I will have to get second opinion evidence about that. Overall, we have been enjoying our time together without any interruptions, as usually is the case. My idea is to take advantage of the situation at hand, and taking advantage of this, we have been joyfully doing. In the beginning of our marital relationship, I thought I was the master at taking advantage situations. I was happy about that because that’s what a husband is supposed to do. I was soon to find out that this was not necessarily the case. I don’t know how long this has been going on, but I discovered something in our relationship that I didn’t know. We had just settled down to watch a movie together, and at the commercial, I got up to go to the bathroom. As I was getting up, my wife said, “While you’re up, could you get me a cup of coffee?”

Why Do We Behave In Ways That Harm Us?

What you may find is that you often behave in ways that don’t benefit you and even harm you. Further, you may find that you there are people in your life who behave in the same way, holding themselves back in the process.

Tribes by David Lammy

David Lammy’s Tribes presents an analysis of today’s fragmented identity politics. It is a personal statement, an individual journey that returns to its staring point, that real issues are complex, need subtle treatment and thought-out policies. In the face of recent successes by campaigns that have used soundbite slogans, the message of Tribes seems to be a restatement of what has recently not succeeded. But is there another approach?

What Makes a Successful Divorce?

Every individual wants different things when a marriage ends. A successful divorce is therefore about obtaining what’s most important to you.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao Is Powerful

Around ten years ago, I would add something called cacao to some of the drinks that I would make. This was a time when I would usually have an oat and milk smoothie for my breakfast and adding cacao would give me a break from the usual taste.

Fraud in L&I Claims and Workers’ Compensation Claims in Washington State

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) takes fraud very seriously. Under the Industrial Insurance Act, the letter of the law refers to fraud as “willful misrepresentation”. Under the law (WAC 296-14-4121) it says: “[I]t is willful misrepresentation for a person to obtain payments or other benefits in an amount greater than that to which he or she would have otherwise been entitled. Willful misrepresentation includes making a willful false statement or the willful misrepresentation, omission, or concealment of any material fact.”. In fact, if L&I finds willful misrepresentation, they can demand repayment and assess a 50% penalty. If the willful misrepresentation is egregious, it can lead to criminal charges.

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