PM Modi Takes on KCR Govt During A Rally In Telangana: ‘Those Looting Poor will not be Spared’

Cricket New Normal: IPL Extravaganza To Hit The Screens From 19th September!

The 13th version of the Twenty20 cricket extravaganza, the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020), is set to unfold from 19th September 2020 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The 53-day long tournament would see around 70 matches including practice matches during the period; the afternoon matches would start at 3.30 pm IST and evening matches at 7.30 pm IST. The matches are to be played in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah…

Trancus Interruptus

What happens when something interrupts your trance? Is it bad news for your suggestions… or even dangerous? Here’s the full scoop.

Let Go of the Wrong Life Style and Desires

We haven’t arrived the day we meet Christ and accept Him as our Saviour. That’s not the finish line, but the starting point.

The Sun Rises Over Everybody

As you go deeper into Africa it seems as if the beauty and colour of the sunrise grow deeper and deeper. Everything looks so much clearer.

God’s Grace Is Enough

Many, many times I am amazed by God’s grace. The immensity of God’s grace is simply too awesome for me to understand.

Work As the Light Where You Work

When I visited England as a young man, South Africans were highly in demand. If a South African applied for work, you had a good chance to get the job.

Starting Your Own Business The Right Way

Starting your own business is a dream come true for most people. The freedom of having control of your own actions, finding customers and clients that will have great projects for you to complete and the ability to set your own prices and hours is why most people get into starting their own business. One of the best enterprises to start will either be a plumbing or an electrician business.

Beating Belly Bulge and High Blood Pressure After 50

Most health and fitness books for seniors totally miss the mark when it comes to losing belly fat and lowering blood pressure. Almost every article and book on the shelf preaches the same approach for tummy flattening and lowering blood pressure: dieting and exercising. Learn how to lower your blood pressure and belly bloat without counting Calories and crunches.

When Will We Ever Learn

The temptations of today far outreach the level of civility. There has always been periods in history where man loses sight of what is good and virtuous. Today, is no different.

COVID-19 Reinfection Worries: Confirmed Case In Hong Kong, And More!

Although scientists and experts say that COVID-19 reinfections need not necessarily be a cause for worry or alarm they don’t deny the possibilities or the implications of this phenomenon either…

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