PM Modi Remembers Kite Flying With The President Of Indonesia; Addresses Indian Diaspora In Bali

Why Opening Too Soon May Destroy US Economy?: 5 Considerations

Although, President Trump, most of his political party members in Congress, his core supporters, etc, have framed the issue, of reopening the national economy, in terms of supposed freedoms and rights, the reality is, probably, the true danger may be, the longer – term, danger, of opening, too soon, may be considerably more significant! Many believe, the apparent, attempt to reopen, despite the public health warnings/ considerations, may have dire ramifications! When anyone states, a loss of human life, may be acceptable, if the economy is helped, I wonder, how much they value life!

Why We Need SMART Public Leaders, Instead Of Politicians?

Especially, during apparent, and/ or, actual crises, it is essential, for politicians, to begin, transforming to statesmen, when they are elected, and hold public office! What the world, and the United States, needs, especially now, are SMART leaders, who, instead of, merely, articulating populist rhetoric, are ready, willing, and able to surround themselves, with quality, expert, advisers, rather than, merely, political appointments, and yes – men! While, the personal/ political motives/ agenda, of those, serving in positions, where they are elected to serve and represent, the best interest of all citizens, has, often been the case, we have never witnessed, in recent memory,…

Why Testing And Tracking, Are Essential?

It’s dangerous, and, certainly, unusual, when the President goes against the advice of the public health and scientific experts, and proclaims, testing for this virus, not only isn’t that important, but the more, we test, the worse our results! Not only does that defy logic (Isn’t it similar to saying, if you don’t take a biopsy, there would be no cancer, etc?), but seems, to be, in – opposition, to the public’s health, and well – bring!

Do Face Masks Really Help Protect You From Viral Infections?

Most people have this question on their minds because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Do antiviral face masks keep your healthy? In this article, we are going to answer this question from different perspectives.

How Are You Coping As Lockdown Restrictions Ease?

How have you found these past few weeks of lockdown? It may be that the weeks have seemed like a lifetime and many of us have been finding the loneliness and isolation a real struggle. Now that those restrictions are easing how are you coping with lockdown? Are you ready to revert back to ‘normal’ or do you need a little time to decide what you want, to readjust and regain your trust in the outside world?

Imperfectly Perfect Parents!

Don’t worry, parents. You are enough. No matter how imperfect you are, you are still the perfect person for your children You got this!

8 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Basketball Shoes

Today, you can choose from numerous types of basketball shoes. If you have never bought one before, looking for the right pair may be a bit tricky for you. What you need to do is go for sneakers that offer perfect fit and support.

7 Things To Consider When Buying a Pair of Football Shoes

Today, opting for a new pair football shoes is becoming harder for beginners. Buyers have to consider a lot of factors when searching the web and buying the best product. Given below are 7 things that you should consider when looking for the best product.

Sourcing and Suppliers: 5 Tips to Get Started

If you are looking to find out more about sourcing, you are on the right page. In the world of business, this term refers to several procurement practices. The aim of these practices is to find, evaluate, and engage goods and services suppliers.

The Receiver of Intercourse Need Not Be Aroused

Men are expected to take the sexual initiative. The receiver is not typically aroused. Women need emotional factors to be sexually amenable.

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