PM Modi Recounts How India Launched Ops Samudra Maitri In 2018 To Aid Disaster-Stricken Indonesia

How To Get New Benefits And Blessings From God

It’s the Lord’s hand of new benefits and blessings on you that sets you up for recognition, promotion, success and increase. When you bring Jesus into your situation, He can cause every bitter experience to become sweet! The information you need is right here, right now! Let’s get started, let me teach you.

The Basics of Understanding Stress

Stress comes to us all in different ways at different times in different degrees and any number of causes can trigger it. When stressed we feel that we care not in control. We feel overwhelmed. When that happens, something needs to be done about it. You must do what you can to manage your stress and regain control. But just what is stress? That’s what we look at here so you may understand what stress is and how we react to it.

Arundhati Bhattacharya – A Leader Everyone Wants to Work for

Arundhati Bhattacharya (born on 18 March 1956), an Indian banker is the former Chairman of the State Bank of India (SBI). She is the first female to lead an India-based Fortune 500 Indian company. Ms. Arundhati is also the first woman to be the Chairman of SBI. In 1977, she started her career with SBI as a Probationary Officer.

Pinterest for Business – Does It Make Sense For Your Niche?

Many people overlook Pinterest when it comes to their business. Pinterest is more than just recipes and arts and crafts. Find out if Pinterest makes sense for your business.

Use It or Lose Yourself

Feeling stuck, unfulfilled, restless or like you’re crawling the walls? Something probably messes with your energy levels. Here’s why and how to fix them.

Appeal Your Judgment With An Appellate Attorney

VIrtual law has become an instant search result on your Google page, you want to know who to call, what legal issue you’re pursuing, or how to combat a judgment, not in your favor? Look it up.

Self Acceptance Precedes Self Leadership

Self -acceptance is an important step on the journey to self -leadership. You are created to become your “best -self” but this can be a good place to start. You do not have to meekly accept the way you are right now and resign yourself to “what will be, will be”. An honest appraisal of who you are will reveal your strengths and weaknesses, what you do very well and what you cannot do, where you are and where you need to get to.

The Greatest Miracle: When the Quran Talks About the Muslim Holy Book

The Muslim Holy, the Quran, is one of the great Miracles of the Prophet of Islam. The Holy Book itself contains some of the finest descriptions of its own depth and beauty. In this essay we explore a few golden nuggets of verses extolling the beauty and virtues of the Quran itself.

Kindness and Happiness

Recently, I went through very unpleasant and difficult dental work, and the outpouring of kindness I received-from my husband, who held onto my ankle all through the two and a half hours (and had nightmares that night about it) to my dear friends, who offered me support and encouragement to heal and take care of myself-made me feel blessed, despite the pain. I don’t think there’s a greater happiness in life than knowing the people who love you are there for you. We can cry together when loss is inevitable; and fight together when there’s…

Emotions As Weather

Although most people in the country wouldn’t agree, we in Southern California have been having extreme weather conditions for us: rain and mudslides. You could almost say we’re so used to mild conditions that we become afraid of what others would call “real” weather-weather wimps. Being afraid, ashamed of, or embarrassed by your feelings is like being afraid of the weather, because emotions (tears, panic attacks, angry outbursts, withdrawal, depression, elation, lust, romantic excitement, euphoria) are the weather conditions of the inner self.

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