PM Modi Pays Tribute To Birsa Munda On Tribal Day, Hails Role Of Adivasis During Freedom Struggle

Sexual Scenarios Tend to Be Biased in Men’s Favour

Intercourse represents a male conquest over a woman. Men pass the taboo of sex onto women. Women don’t need sex, so sex is a male problem.

My Thoughts Are Worth More Than a Penny

I must admit that I do gravel a lot in thinking about my thoughts. It has been a habit of mine down through the years. Thinking is what really makes life worth living, or so I believe. My father had a saying whenever he saw me staring off into the distance, “A penny for your thoughts, son.” Then he would smile, and I knew he really was not interested in what I was thinking he was just trying to set some kind of trap for me. Fortunately, I never fell into that trap, whatever it was. Of course, at the time I could’ve used an extra penny. One of my favorite writers, when I was young, was a man by the name of James Thurber. He was blind, but he was one of the great writers of his day. He would think his thoughts about the story he was working on all day long, then sit down with his secretary, tell her the story from memory, and write it down.

Today’s Home Alarm Systems

The Alarm systems of today are quite different from those of just a few years ago. The basic premise is the same, if the controller senses an open door or movement, it will sound a siren and call a central station or the police.

Fear in The New Sandbox

A bitter phrase that I’m resisting is ‘the new normal’, because I won’t accept what currently is, for what will be. This is temporary in my mind, and in the words of my favorite author, Og Mandino, “this too shall pass” and it will.

Are You Becoming the One?

Impact calls you on a deeper level. If impact were just about taking action, you would have had that impact already.

4 Reasons, Infrastructure Spending Makes Sense, Now!

For many decades, if not longer, politicians, when running for office, emphasized, the weaknesses in our infrastructure, the need to do something about it, and how, they will make the changes! Unfortunately, just like, so many things, mentioned during political campaigns, the officials, from both political parties, have achieved very little, of substance, in this crucial area! When Donald Trump ran for office, during 2015 and 2016, he was no exception, and in the first half of his first term, had meetings with the leaders of both parties, and even, stated, there had been agreement to address many of these…

Why To Reopen Properly?: 4 Reasons

How often have we witnessed, many voters, apparently, fooled by the empty rhetoric and promises, and populist statements, made by some particular politician? As Pete Townsend wrote, Won’t be fooled again, yet. apparently, we continue to be, because many are blinded by their wishes and hopes, and permit themselves to be lured – in by this behavior, when there is a need for listening to someone, who is a true leader, with the optimal combination of possessing a positive, can – do attitude, visionary, outside – the – box, open – minded reasoning, and who articulates viable solutions, instead of simply the same – old, same…

How Podcasting Is Changing The Way We Listen To Music

The days of trying to find a record producer and production company willing to take a chance on an unknown recording artist are almost extinct. Gone are the days of renting a recording studio and churning out records (or tapes or CD’s) and sending them to thousands of radio stations and begging them to play your music on the air. Now, podcasting is opening doors to recording careers nobody thought was possible!

About Podcast RSS Feeds

When you first start to look at what an RSS Feed is and what it does, it can be intimidating. But once you understand you have very little to do with it, the RSS Feed can quickly become a great resource you can use to grow your podcast.

Finding A Podcast Hosting Platform

For anyone who wants to create a podcast, nothing is more important than selecting the correct podcast hosting platform. If you choose a poor host, you will not see the download results you deserve.

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