PM Modi Lays Bare Agenda For Next Year As G20 Presidency Is Handed Over To India In Bali

We Need An Adult – In – Charge!

Despite one’s political beliefs, and preferences, any genuine analysis, of the result of having our nation, led, by someone, not – ready – for – prime – time, and, who seems to be focused on a populist agenda, for personal/ political agenda, and, self – interest, has, potentially, dire, undesirable ramifications, etc! The 2016 Presidential election, in several ways, was unlike any, before it. The eventual winner had absolutely no previous government experience, seemed unprepared (in areas), articulated a populist (but, incomplete) message, and, resorted to language, blaming, complaining, and unproven accusations, etc.

Bragging, Blaming, And Complaining, But Never Personal Responsibility!: Trump’s Pandemic Response

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick – and – tired of this President, handling his duties, both the most serious, as well as lesser ones, as if, he was, still. either overseeing his family’s real estate empire, or hosting a game – show, type of television program! In what seems like a classic story, of someone assuming control, who is obviously, unprepared, and not – ready – for – prime – time, Donald Trump has appeared to, often, put his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, ahead of the best interests of the nation, its citizen, and the…

For Women: Daily Motivation – How to Be More Active in Your Daily Life

Are you struggling to get out of bed now that there is lockdown almost everywhere in the world? There is a bright side to the current situation. Motivate yourself to push yourself through the day to be more active and enjoy life indoors. This article shows how.

Asset Protection and Privacy Concerns

One of the first things to consider when developing an asset protection plan is to maximize privacy. You want to make it hard for anyone wanting to sue you to determine that you don’t have enough money or assets to attach should they win a lawsuit.

The History of Water Purification Systems

Water can be purified in more ways than one. You may be wondering how water is cleaned. Basically, water goes through a lot of stages before it is considered safer for regular consumption.

Reasons to Purify the Tap Water

We can’t live without water. In fact, our body consists of 60% of water. Therefore, we need to have constant access to water to perform our daily functions.

Can Someone Use Anger To Motivate Themselves?

If you were to think about one thing that you want to achieve, something could soon come to mind. When it comes to what enters your mind, it could be something that is small or it could be something that is fairly big.

Water Purification Through Ozone Based Methods

Typically, the process of water purification involves close supervision. We know that water is a vital element for survival for all types of plants, animals and other living beings. Therefore, it’s important that we drink only pure water on a regular basis.

2 Methods Of Water Disinfection

Today, we don’t need to worry about finding out whether our drinking water is free of contaminants or not. The reason is that there are central water purification systems in place. They make sure that the water is passed through purification systems.

The Effects Of Drinking Contaminated Water

If you continue to drink contaminated water for a long period of time, you may suffer from many health issues. All types of supplies can get contaminated, such as rivers, streams, lakes, and well water, just to name a few. In this article, we are going to discuss the effects of drinking infected or dirty water.

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