PM Modi In Telangana LIVE: TRS Politics begins, Distasteful Banners Against Prime Minister Put Up

False-Self: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Have An External Focus?

On one side, there is the internal world, and on the other, there is the external world. The ideal will be for someone to be aware of what is going on within and to be aware of what is going on without.

Why We Need, To Say, We’ve Had ENOUGH?

When will, those Americans, who are sick – and – tired, of, the direction, this nation, seems to be, moving, towards, finally, wake – up, and say, ENOUGH? For, far too – long, politicians have depended upon, the combination of voter apathy, and ignorance, and instead of providing, realistic, rational, relevant, sustainable, viable solutions, and strategic and action planning, to get what’s needed, achieved, have made empty promises, and used populist rhetoric! Although, in the past, this was unproductive, the level of partisan politics, we’ve experienced, in the last few years, has made it, counter – productive, and, potentially, dangerous, to…

The Art Of The LIES!

One of the most popular, autobiographies, in decades, is Donald Trump’s book, where he wrote about, and emphasized, his ability/ skill, as a supposedly, skilled negotiator, and how great he was, at deal – making! However, many, who are familiar, with these circumstances, disagree, with his narrative, there is little doubt, this book, largely, contributed to his celebrity – status, especially, when combined with the popularity, and notoriety, he received, from his successful, television, reality show! Although, his actions as President, have not, clearly, demonstrated, his, either, having, or effectively, using these skills, many of us, strongly believe, his next…

They Don’t Even Pretend To Have ETHICS!: 7 Examples

Perhaps, because of the combination of this horrific pandemic (and the closings, economic impacts, and self – quarantines), the continuous, political vitriol, we’ve experienced, these last four years, and the fears, invoked created, by the uncertainties of the upcoming election, many Americans have lost faith in our political system, and, especially, the qualifications, quality, empathy, and ETHICS of certain public officials! Don’t citizens/ constituents, have the right, and obligation, to expect those, they elect, to serve and represent their interests, and the relevant, sustainable needs/ priorities of the nation and planet, to do so, in a highly ethical, honorable way, which puts…

What Are The Advantages To Using Electronic Checks?

Large businesses carry out millions of transactions on a daily basis. Similarly, commercial banks process over 24 million business checks on an annual basis. These checks are internationally recognized and are an essential part of the paper process.

7 Tips For Finding A Home To Buy

It can be quite exciting and inspiring to buy a home for the first time. However, it can be quite tiring and stressful if you are a first-time buyer. This article will give you a couple of tips that will help you make sure that the process of purchasing a house is enjoyable and stress-free.

Things To Look For When Buying A Coffee Maker

If you are looking to invest in a coffee maker, you may want to consider a lot of factors. Some of the most common ones include convenience, cost, and personal preferences. Given below are some of the things that can help you make the right choice if you consider them.

Whose AMERICA Is It, Anyway?

With all the talk about Trump’s America, Make America Great Again, and so much more rhetoric, etc, we need to take a step – back, and seriously, consider, Whose AMERICA Is It, Anyway? Many Americans fail to consider, we are still, a somewhat, younger nation, and, less than 250 years old! Our nation was founded, and guided, by certain specific rights, and privileges, and, until, very recently, these were considered, essential necessities, for the soul of this nation!

How to Successfully Sell in a Covid19 Era

Covid19 is creating new sales challenges because buyer behaviour has and continues to change. It has impacted our daily lives and how we go about doing business.

Critical Thinking: Does The Establishment Mobilize Collective Toxic Shame?

If someone was to think about the main thing that the mainstream media was focusing on at the turn of the century, they could think about terrorism. What could also come to mind is how much of a focus there was on the Middle East.

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