PM Modi And Macron Hold Talks On bilateral ties, Ukraine War & other key issues At G20 Meet

Creating a Successful Black Family in America

Families come in all shapes and sizes. This article looks at some of the dynamics involved in having a family in black America.

Growing Up Black in America – College

Getting a college education as a black man in America can be challenging. Apart from being ill prepared to adjust to college life many black students do not have the emotional support at home to continue a higher education pursuit.

Effective Ways Of Communicating Basic Emotions To Your Pooch

Let’s face it, there are times you wish you can step out of your balcony and scream your lungs out just to show how much you love your furry friend. That may make you feel good but not your pooch. Love, (happiness) and anger (sadness or disappointment) are two basic emotions we all wish we can easily tell our dogs. However, humans and dogs communicate differently. While verbal communication is primary for humans, dogs rely on non-verbal communication to pass information across.

A Relaxing Day With Your Dog

Both dogs and humans are in great need of relaxation. A relaxing day to spend together is a very nice project. Spend a whole day in slow motion, without stress and without pressure, just to rest and enjoy the good things in life. And when you have a dog, it’s even better, because they too need some moments of relaxation from time to time.

A New Puppy In The House

How has a puppy changed my life and that of my family? I had been very sad with life. However my little puppy had dissipated this sadness when he entered my life with all his fragility, clumsiness and his infinite tenderness towards me. Just wanting to be loved to this point, you imagine?

Who Got The Relief Funds?: 6 Concerns

While, it may be possible, our elected officials, created their relief bills, for this recent pandemic, because of true, humane interests, feeling, and priorities, based on previous actions, and behaviors, and the number of issues/ problems/ challenges, we’ve already witnessed/ observed, this should be concerning, to every citizen, who wants the system to work, for those, neediest, in the timely manner! Many people, especially, Independent Contractors, smaller businesses, independent restaurants/ establishments, etc, have wondered, Who got the relief funds?, since most of them, have not.

How Many More Must Die?: 5 Concerning Occurrences

While many are, expectedly, fixated, consumed, and concerned with the horrific impacts of the pandemic, it’s important to realize, and recognize, our reaction/ response, to this public health crisis, unfortunately, in many ways, are predictable, based on the behavior, rhetoric, apparent focus and priorities/ agenda/ self – interest of the current Federal administration. Personally, I have found myself, proclaiming, on several occasions (based on various causes, and responses), How many more must die? The great, comedic genius, in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, atrocities, challenged us, to fight for basic American rights, and Constitutional guarantees, summing up, what happens, if…

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Winch

I you are looking to buy a winch know that you will have to choose from a variety of winches. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know which one you should opt for. Therefore, we have outlined a few important things that you may want to keep in mind when buying one.

Coronavirus: Is It A Surprise That Some People’s Mental Health Has Deteriorated During This Time?

Due to what is currently taking place in the world, it has not been possible for a lot of people to behave as they usually would. To protect themselves, others and different services, they are only allowed to leave their home to do certain things.

How to Master the Stress of Every Day Life With Five Essential Strategies

What is the “new normal” like for you now, especially as related to your workday? Do you believe you will ever go back to business as usual, or work in the same manner you did, now that you have learned how to adapt and work in a different manner? Are you feeling that you are able to cope with conditions related to your job, or is a matter of just surviving each day of your work week? Life for many has become a matter of adjusting and adapting, and doing this at a rapid pace, sometimes with the proper tools and resources, and often on the fly. The initial sense of confusion and uncertainty is now growing into panic and increased agitation for many. Those who are employed are attempting to work at home, in spaces they never imagined they would be working, and feeling somewhat off balance.

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