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Are You The Woman God Is Looking For To Represent Him?

Are you the woman God is looking for? God will use His scriptures to help you grow in the real knowledge of Christ. God wants you to represent Him to the spiritually lost and without Jesus. Does God want you to succeed? Yes! Absolutely! Here’s how you get started.

Mary Kom – The Queen of Boxing

Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, better known as Mary Kom (born 1 March 1983) an Indian Olympic boxer is a five-time amateur boxing champion, the only boxer to win a medal in each one the first seven world championship; the only woman to become World Amateur Boxing champion for six times and only Indian woman boxer to have qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics, She is the first Indian woman boxer to win a gold medal in the 2014 Asian Games and the 2018 Commonwealth games and winning a bronze medal. She has also been ranked as No 1 in AIBA World Women’s Ranking Light Flyweight category.

Jesus Wants To Save You! Will You Come To Him Today?

Jesus is both Savior and Lord and He gives us eternal life. The Gospel invitation is offered freely to one and all, but many people are too pre-occupied with other things. Here’s what you can do right now to get saved! A must reading if you want to come to Jesus.

The Four Main Categories of Stress

Stress. It comes to us all. Some of us are more susceptible to feeling stressed that others. There’s no rule to what makes us feel stressed or how we deal with it. However one thing is for sure – stress needs to be acted on and controlled before it gets out of control. It may help you with that if you are aware of what the four main categories of stress are and their characteristics.

What Makes a Good Quality Writer?

A good writer writes something which is, by definition, challenging. He tests your ideas or beliefs. He challenges your vocabularies and personal history. He challenges our comfortable morality.

Growing Up Black In America – Racial Prejudice

This article deals with racial prejudice in America towards black people. It examines how such beliefs came to exist and what black people can do today to address them.

Meditate for Negative-30 Minutes a Day

Thanks to my approach, “I don’t have time to meditate” doesn’t make sense. Not only can you do it using no time, it’ll even save you precious moments.

Ever Wondered Where Is God?

Where is God? The answer is discussed. There is superficial and elaborate reply with clear explanation. Using ghee, curd and milk and logical processing to obtain it from milk. Ghee is always there in the milk A hidden processing is needed to bring it out. To escape the present shaky existence for living due to virus attack, an utopian future existence suggested…

Veronica Chika Iweanya-I Want to Play for The D’Tigress of Nigeria

She is full of life, always smiling, and excited to share her experience in career and sports. Veronica Chika Iweanya has come a long way in the game of basketball, and she has set a goal for herself. Her dream is to play for the National women’s basketball team of Nigeria- The D’Tigress.

Appellate Attorney – When Your Case Needs A Review

The department of justice isn’t always right. Sometimes they need a review. Get that review with an appellate attorney when it really matters.

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