PM Imran Khan Speech | lays foundation stone of PIMS Hospital new Department

What Peduru Richard Teaches Us At 86

There are no barriers for learning. Age has no importance.

Malawian Band Mafilika Wins Global Music Contest

For winning the competition, Mafilika will participate in the Global Youth Forum organized by the World Bank Institute and its partners in May 26-28 in Brussels, Belgium. Under the theme of good governance and anti-corruption, the summit will bring together over 50 young leaders from around the world.

Malawi Aleke Banda No More – Cancer

Malawi Veteran politician Aleke Banda has died yesterday in South Africa after a long battle with lymphatic leukemia cancer for the past four years. Aleke who was born on September 19, 1939 died at Morningside Clinic in Johannesburg following a stroke.

New Zealand’s Vanishing Middle Class

As a relatively new immigrant to New Zealand, one of the major differences I see is the absence of an established middle class in this country. Unlike the doctors and nurses I worked with in the US, most of the health professionals here come from blue collar backgrounds. Whereas my working class background left me feeling pretty alienated from my middle class American colleagues, the people I work with here seem to speak the same language – based in the same innate values and attitudes – that I do.

International NGOs – Do They Really Want to Balkanize Congo?

What seems to be an undeclared war against international NGOs in the Congo is in constant evolution. In this situation, the questions to know why this war against those NGOs that have saved many people in eastern part of the country create even more unanswered questions.

The Global Crisis – Promoting Local Development and Employment

I am not an economist, but I understand the realities of the challenges that face Africa today due to the negative impact of the global economic crises and will give you an overview on the topic The Global Crises, An African Perspective. There is no doubt that Africa has been worst hit by the impact of the global financial crises and this summit is about brainstorming to find solutions to the unfortunate predicament. If we are looking for solutions, let me share my experiences with you.

Life’s Like That – International Labelling Laws

Checking the Fluid Levels in our car the other day I noticed on the back of one particular bottle a caution label that read “…This product contains Chemicals that are known to the state of California to cause Cancer, Birth defects or other reproductive harm…” This particular brand of product was new to me, I just happened to find it on sale one day.

Will the Women Reservation Bill Bring Good Governance in India?

A much has been said about the current Women Reservation Bill that was passed by the Rajya Sabha in New Delhi on March 9, 2010. This bill passed with much more interference between different political parties. But finally it was passed with 30% reservation facilities for the women.

What Manner of Ministers?

The administration has 8 months left in the season. One would have expected Acting President Goodluck to reinvent the team as hyped in the media, by bringing in fresh, trusted and vibrant hands to enable him finish his 8 months as a Manager on a historic note.

Russia’s Dalliances With Venezuela Sets Dangerous Precedent

About the same time US president Barack Obama was boasting about the new nuclear arms reduction deal he negotiated with Russia, Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin was busy visiting Caracas, negotiating a series of agreements that will reshape the geopolitical landscape in the Americas. Upon his return to Moscow, Putin announced that he and Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez had an agreement for the sale of over five billion dollars in armament to the South American country. This exceeds the 4.4 billion dollars in Russian military hardware Venezuela has acquired since 2005. The new arms deal provides Venezuela with a credit line in excess of two billion dollars.

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