NIA Court Frames Charges Against Yasin Malik, Hafiz Saeed & Others In J&K Terror Funding Case

A Look Inside Burma’s Press Freedom, Business and Election – With Aung Thura and Patrick Boehler

This month we were fortunate to host two Asia-based professionals with deep insights into Burma. Yangon-based Aung Thura is a Burmese national and returnee whose guarded optimism about the latest developments in his native homeland underscored the hopeful cheers of a world waiting for true democracy to take hold. Hong Kong expatriate Patrick Boehler provided focused commentary on the political situation and his experience with Burmese refugees in Kuala Lumpur. Both confirmed Southeast Asia is quite possibly one of the most dynamic and interesting regions in the world today.

Nigeria Was Created By The British Not God And Must Be Divided Now

Here we are going to consider the theory of a former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo who believes in the divine creation of the Nigerian state. Of course for a man like Obasanjo and the part he has played in the Nigeria affairs it is not difficult to see how it is easy for him to believe as he does. On the two occasions that he had opportunity to head Nigeria’s government, they were both fortuitous moments, all coming on the heels of the death or assassination of his predecessors.

Is China the Next Global Power

China has a very ancient civilization, which stretches back to 400 years. At that time China was known as the ‘middle kingdom’ and was the centre of the world. But history has a cycle and that cycle sent China hurtling down as the European powers led by England and France came to the fore.

Mr Putin: End These Wrongs

The greatest problems with Russia that need addressing are an unreformed court system, deadly military hazing and domestic violence. Solving these problems will improve both Russia and its standing in the world.

Our Political Divide on Syria – What Diplomatic Tact Do We Take Now?

Well, the media seems to be bombarding us with Super Tuesday News, but that is hardly all that is going on in the world. Perhaps, the results of Super Tuesday will affect other major events around the globe too, as the US is at crunch time to make a decision what to do in Syria, and that will effect what happens in the future with Iran, especially considering they just had their election, and Russia too, both involved in Syria’s civil war and bloodshed. How we play this will determine human history in the Middle East for the remainder of…

Iran’s Nuclear Program – Do Something or Let Them Have Their Nukes, Talk Is Cheap

It seems unfortunate that our diplomatic policies have not worked in helping Iran come to the correct conclusion that nuclear weapons are not good for that region, or the rest of the planet for that matter. If Iran gets nuclear weapons, then the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and half a dozen other countries are going to immediately want nuclear weapons themselves. Also you can bet that Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, good friends with Ahmadinejad in Iran, will also want nukes.

What Is It Like To Work In Today’s Burma? – Interview With Aung Thura, a Burmese Returnee

Aung Thura, Chief Strategist at Ignite Marketing Communications in Yangon, is no stranger to a changing Burma. Thura has been part of Burma’s marketing communication landscape since 1996, and has navigated the business environments of various ASEAN markets, as a leader of McCann Erickson’s strategic planning teams in countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. This month Thura gives AsianTalks the bigger picture in his region, and how an ancient Buddhist culture is coping with these modern times.

Government and the Public in Syria and Russia

Russia has jointly blocked U.N. Security Council action against the government of Syria. This article shows what can be done about that U.N. veto.

Are We Close to Negotiation or War with Iran?

Okay so, suffice it to say that whatever we read in the news is probably BS, take a recent set of articles not long ago about the showdown over Iran’s nuclear weapons production. One set of news stories tells a tale of deceit by Iran, and an acceleration of their uranium enrichment according to the IAEA and United Nations. Another, talks about the Iranian Regime telling the world that it will negotiate but that the nuclear program will go on and increase no matter what, and regardless of international media propaganda against them.

Entrepreneurship in India and China

Entrepreneurs in India and China are driving global economic growth and community development. While having much in common, they also exhibit a number of interesting differences, including their primary motivations for business ownership as well as their main sources of financing and business advice.

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