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A Very Smart Stupidity: Wisdom In Work Clothes, Take It Or Leave It! A “Bad” Article

When you live normally and get divorced normally, you live in the ultimate unrealistic fantasy world. One thing that is more unrealistic than genuinely knowing how to cheat and be a genuine criminal who succeeds at the wrong is knowing it all and being perfect all the time always.

Don’t “Buy It Now”

Joe Coal became a miner when he was 18. His father and mother were in poor health and neither could work. So, Joe skipped college and helped his parents along.

Healing Your Grief Like a Boss

Healing Like a Boss. Have a Global Pandemic of Hope, not of fear! Have hope in your heart and your mind. Think about hopeful happenings in your life every day. Have gratitude. Search inward for your inner strength. Stop grieving and start healing. Have hope. Communing with God can give you inspiration and strength beyond your own inspiration and abilities. Nonetheless

Cookware – Stainless Steel or Nonstick?

Do you know what the difference between stainless steel and nonstick cookware is? Read on to find out!

5 Pieces Your Home Should Not Be Without

Your home might be your most favorite place on Earth, but what’s that makes it special? We all know that home is where the heart is, but coming home to cozy inviting rooms sure helps! What makes a room? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s your furniture. 5 Pieces Your Home Should Not Be Without

7 Essential Items For Your Home

Running errands and organizing your house requires some essentials, and thus the article will guide you through 7 of the top listed items according to individuals surveyed…

Which Sofa Fabric Is Best For You

Buying a new sofa is a large and important purchase. Your sofa should be both beautiful and functional since it will not only the focal piece of your living room set but also a place to relax with a book, cuddle up with a loved one or gather with friends and family. With so many styles and price ranges to choose from, where do you start?

Picking Your Mattress

Shopping for a mattress? There are so many to choose from we wanted to help! Keep reading to see 5 of the most common mattress types (and their point of origin, which I thought was pretty cool!).

Light Duty Work in L&I Claims and Workers’ Compensation Claims

After a work injury or occupational disease, people with an L&I claim or workers’ compensation claim might have medical conditions that impact their ability to return to work. We refer to workers incapable of working during their recovery as temporarily and totally disabled. These workers receive time-loss compensation benefits, which is a type of wage replacement. When the Department of Labor Industries (L&I) pays time-loss compensation benefits, it negatively impacts L&I insurance rate for the employer. Consequently, L&I created alternative programs and incentives to help employers improve their rate.

Creating a Happiness Circle of Friends

We are both influenced by and a reflective part of our closest friends. How can we use our friendships to help create happiness in our lives?

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