NCP Leader Jitendra Awhad Slapped With 2nd FIR Over alleged assault charge After Hooliganism

Why To Look At The RAW DATA?

It’s always, wiser, to fully examine, the facts, by looking at the RAW DATA, rather than, merely, basing one’s judgment, on the political spin, which someone, may articulate, for their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! During this horrific pandemic, we have witnessed, a significant difference, between what the experts, tell us, and the statements, and changing narrative, articulated by President Donald Trump, and the non – expert, members/ spokespersons, coming forward! Whether, considering this situation, or, nearly any other, it makes sense, to first, look thoroughly, at all the relevant data, ask pertinent questions, and make your mind – up, for…

6 Factors To Consider, In Reviewing Economic Data

Have you ever, wondered, why your perceptions, significantly, differ from economic data, presented to the public, by the government? Whether, it’s the unemployment figures, inflation rate, etc, apparent reality often, is significantly different, from actual, reality! This has become, even more accentuated, and, continuous, during the administration of our current President, where the statements made, and articulated, by Donald Trump, often, seem to focus, exclusively, on, whatever he believes, will positively resonate with his constituents, and make him seem, much better!

Micro Switches-The Component That Makes Your Machine ‘click’

What are micro switches? Miniature snap-action switches (or micro switches as they are frequently called) are simple but novel electrical switches that are found in almost all electrical appliances ranging from residential to industrial purposes. The interesting feature about them is that they require the application of very little physical force to switch.

5 Qualities of a Good Movie

Everyone has a different taste as far as watching a movie is concerned. Some like genres of comedy and thriller, others like romantic stuff. There is no blueprint for a successful and watchable movie but there are certain anchors that draw the attention of viewers and help them relieve the stress of the world.

Benefits of Watching Movies: Keep Watching Your Favorite Movies

Have you ever noticed that when you are watching a movie, you completely disconnect yourself from the external world? You just want to grab a bucket of popcorn and some drinks before switching the world off. Whether we laugh, suffer, or cry while watching a movie, we always get refreshed and relaxed internally.

Discover How to Become an Emotionally Intelligent Educator

Emotions are present in every aspect of our communication, whether or not we are aware of the existence of it. For example, you are having an emotional reaction right now as you read this opening introduction. You either feel a sense of connection to what you are reading, and want to continue, or you believe you already know enough about the subject and feel it would not be worth your time to continue. I realize there has been much written about the subject of emotional intelligence, and there is an established definition of this topic as well. However, my view of becoming emotionally intelligent is somewhat different, especially as it is related to the work of an educator. I want to expand upon the idea of recognizing and managing emotions, by viewing the reactions and responses to what we read and hear as levels of mental processing. I want to discuss the importance of moving past Level One or reactionary responses to our learners, which is where emotional responses occur, and move into Level Two or the place within the mind where well-informed and emotionally intelligent responses are formed.

When Should You Call a Locksmith?

Suppose you have been locked out in your room and can’t open the lock. Who would you call for help? It would be a Locksmith.

Private Prayer – Can It Reduce Fear?

Private prayer with one’s image of transcendence is also getting in touch with a divine presence within the soul. Here are 8 tips about how to do this.

How Do You Feel About Leaving Work to Go Home?

Not wanting to leave work isn’t necessarily about being a workaholic. There can be a myriad of reasons why we may feel uncertain, reluctant or even afraid about leaving work at the end of each day. There are those who will be incredulous that this might be a ‘thing’; they can hardly wait for clocking-off time to arrive, when they’re finally free to walk out the door.

A Challenge

I always try things that I recommend for my clients to make sure that they are reasonable and achievable. Over the years, when clients have indicated that they are struggling financially I ask them “How much do you spend on groceries in a month?” Then “How much do you spend eating out or ordering in>?

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