Mizoram HM Clears State’s Stance On Myanmar Refugee Crisis; ‘Helping Them On Humanitarian Grounds’

Liver Transplant in India Gives Patients With Advanced Liver Cirrhosis a New Lease on Life

Liver cirrhosis is one of the end-stage diseases of the liver and requires transplant for complete cure. Undergoing liver transplant in India will provide the patient with a new lease on life.

No Hill for a Stepper

Problems are always upon us and getting over the little humps is easy. Getting over the larger ones simply means you grow to be bigger than that hill… so-as to just step right over it, rather than struggle to climb it.

Manchester City Set to Pounce on Hapless West Ham United

A preview of the rescheduled Premier League game between Manchester City and West Ham United at the Etihad Stadium. The home team is favorite to win this much anticipated encounter in a game that will witness the return of former City icon Pablo Zabaleta.to the Etihad stadium for perhaps the last time in his illustrious career. Kick off time is 7:30 PM as David Moyes and his boys attempt to accomplish the impossible.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Sustainable Seafood?

As more and more doctors are recommending seafood, it has become difficult to take into consideration the sustainability and ecosystems associated with fishing. seafood is a wonderful source of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, but to create the right balance among the fish, humans, and oceans nothing is better than opting for sustainable seafood choices.

Revitalise Wrinkled Ageing Hands Using Dermal Filler Treatment

Although we all grow older, we don’t want to feel that our hands look older than our face. We begin to see ageing in the hands, noticing things like; wrinkles, liver spots, prominent veins and dry flaky skin. Of course no matter what we do, our hands will age regardless, whether from loss of volume in the natural course of ageing, sun exposure or excessive immersion in water which can lead to dehydration.

You Can Lead An Employee To Water But You Can’t Make Them Think

Leadership isn’t about telling your people what’s what. It’s not about imposing change from on high. There’s only one way to change the way they think.

Hangings in Pakistan

Pakistan and execution of death sentence Pakistan had announced a moratorium on all hangings in 2008, when Asif Zardari was president. Pakistan thus became a singular Islamic country that stopped executions. In fact if my figures are correct over a period of 6 years from 2008 to 2014 only one prisoner was executed.

How to Earn Money Online Without Working For It

Is it your dream to own your own online business and earn a passive income? Do you hate having to get up and go to work every day, while you watch enviably as others are making thousands online just from writing a few blog posts every month? Working this way is often called ‘living the laptop lifestyle’ and you’re about to discover how you can do it too.

Reading Therapy (Bibliotherapy) for Anxiety

There is a simple, effective therapy for anxiety and it’s available to everyone. This therapy has been used for ages but is the best kept secret to rapid recovery. It is called reading therapy or bibliotherapy. For years many professionals have prescribed reading therapy with rapid results. All that is required is a good novel that grabs your attention. This allows the mind and body to settle down and like meditation, it relieves anxiety and creates a less reactive mind and body.

Business Problems? Use A Mind Map To Solve Them

Many people use different methods for problem solving. One of the most favored and effective methods is using a mind map.

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