‘Love Jihad’ Faceoff Breaks Out On The Debate As Sujada Bashir Blames Victim In Lucknow Murder Case

Move Over Herbert Hoover, Make Room for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is compared to Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush as presidents who handled crises. Hoover came before the National Security Presidency of the present. Bush was uneven but courageous. Donald Trump is incompetent and unfit.

Life Is Not About Finding Yourself But Creating Yourself

Life is what we make it. What happens to use now is the product of what we did before; how we prepare our future. So, we are responsible for the type of life that we want to have.

Importance of Bouncing Back After A Setback

At some point in our lives, we all experience challenges, difficulties and issues. But being resilient means being able to adapt and bounce back when something difficult happens in our lives. It is our ability to once again pick ourselves up after painful circumstance.

Lemon Tea Powder Sachets

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Resilience In The Face Of Difficulty

Some people seem to remain calm in the face of difficulties while others appear to come undone. Resilient people are able to utilize their skills and strengths to cope and recover from problems and challenges. Instead of falling apart or hiding from problems with ineffective coping strategies, resilient people face life’s worries head-on.

Managing Stressful Situation In The Workplace

Stressful work environments can lead to negative physical and mental health outcomes for employees and organizations. Therefore, when stress is high, there is a need for resilience. Creating a resilient workforce and more healthy organizational culture takes employer commitment. Resilient employees make resilient organizations. So, motivated and equipped employees are best positioned to overcome obstacles and distractions.

The Compassionate Church

A Church without compassion is in direct violation of Scriptural ethics. When Christians are more concerned with themselves then they are with others, it is called “mirror identity.”

What Hypnotists Get Wrong About Web Design

I studied many hypnotists’ websites, and I noticed something most of them do wrong. If your site repels clients, this might be why.

The Ten Characteristics of the Scientific Research

Professors and supervisors in general request scientific papers in college but do not always bother to explain what the basic characteristics of a scientific work are. Thinking about this, I tried to summarize in what follows the main characteristics of the scientific research. Note that to do scientific work, you need to have a scientific attitude first.

Remote Leadership… The Leadership Style Reminder

As we all continue to be inundated by news headlines and broadcasting updates on the TV and radio, a large number of individuals have been ‘grounded’ by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. I have been unfortunate enough to be one of those forced to work from home each day. Thinking years ago, I would have loved to have the opportunity to work from my home office.

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