Love Jihad Angle Emerges In Delhi Murder Case; Shraddha’s Father Demands Death Penalty For Aaftab

Age Differences in Dating

Dr. Romance gets a lot of letters about older women dating younger men, which appears to be shocking to some people, but I don’t find it so unusual. Why would a younger man want to date an older woman?

After Infidelity-Stay or Go?

When you get the devastating news that your spouse has had an affair, how do you decide whether to stay or go? Because you feel betrayed, your first impulse is usually anger, and wanting to leave-fight or flight. But, after you calm down, you realize there’s a lot you’ll lose, and you may have children to consider.

The Madness Chronicles – Episode 20

The dictionary defines madness as a state of being mentally ill, especially severely, extremely foolish behavior, and a state of frenzied or chaotic activity. We live in times gone mad each and every day. In each Episode of the Madness Chronicles, we take a look at a new topic and see how mad some people really are. Come along for the journey. This week we look at how we count COVID-19 deaths in America.

How Mainstream Media Undermine Democracy

Now, more than ever, it’s necessary to debate the connection between information and democracy. Even in a digital world, the newspapers are indispensable guides to politics and to the news of one or another cultural movement in society. The media are a pulpit that can be used for good or evil. The problem today is that both commercialism on the rise and political bias have eroded journalistic professionalism. That’s tragic yet realistic State of the Media 2020.

The Best (and Probably Only) Gamification Training Out There

Gamification: the hottest trend in education and business right now. Unfortunately it’s tough to learn. Here’s the shortcut I wish I had when I started.

Simplify to Multiply

What do old-generation telecommunications networks have to do with your mind? Everything, if you heed this business lesson in your life.

How Can I Make Money From An Online Course

You can always make money with courses. You can make money from the course directly, and then make money indirectly by promoting complementary products, services and more courses.

Red Clay Potter of San Marcos Tlapazola Transitions to Mezcal, Agave Motifs

The village of San Marcos Tlapazola, in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca, is known for its female potters who form both utilitarian and decorative pieces out of red clay, or barro rojo. With the arrival of the global mezcal boom, and visitors coming to Oaxaca to buy, market and photograph all about the agave distillate, one potter, Maria Aragon Sanchez, has been able to transition to making pieces which attract visitors interested in mezcal. She makes all manner of figures and utilitarian pieces, but worked into each piece is the agave succulent used to make mezcal, and different scenes representative of the stages of the distillation process. Every pieces is made by hand and without a wheel. She and sister-in-law Gloria Cruz Sanchez work tirelessly in the fields mining hard clay, and back at their homestead turning it into buttery consistency, then forming their figures, finally firing in a rudimentary open air kiln. They have garnered a following, selling in the Sunday Tlacolula market, wholesaling in Oaxaca and other Mexican cities, and further abroad.

Uncertainty – Aligning Yourself With Ease

Uncertainty shows up often when we want to transform the current paradigm. We try to avoid the uncertainty by keeping everything under control.

How to Reset the Team After Shutdown

How are you feeling right now? How is the team doing? Thinking of reopening the office, or do you have a semi-open one now? With no end in sight, the pandemic is draining our collective mojo. Anxiety is taxing and people are exhausted. We can however put a line in the sand. We have made it through the first stage of the pandemic, from crisis control to whatever you want to call this current state of affairs. Now is the perfect time to undertake a team reset. Here’s how.

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