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How Do We Keep A Control Over Scope, Time, Cost In A Project?

Scope, Schedule & Cost are the Iron Triangle in a project. Change in one can affect one or both of the other two. To prevent this or at least mitigate this is the essence of project control & management. How can we achieve this to a great extent in a project? This is the subject of this discussion. Project management enthusiasts will be curious to know about this, if they don’t know it already!

Neglecting To Protect Your Identity Can Destroy You

The news media is reporting the breaches of social sites, credit bureaus, countless businesses, medical facilities, banks and more. You do not need to live in fear, but you must create habits of awareness. Use your computer, smart phone and tablet with caution. Keep you documents in a safe place.

Can Veganism Improve a Man’s Sex Life?

There’s a lot of talk that going vegan can improve a man’s sex life. Is this all hype, or should a man have hope?

A Duo Of Dancing Stars

Small stars like our Sun die with great beauty, encircled by beautiful shrouds of multicolored gases, that were once their outer layers–leaving only their relic cores behind as silent testimony to the Universe that they once existed. Our Sun, like other small stars, will first become a bloated red giant that will swell in size to the ghastly point that its flames will engulf the inner planets Mercury, Venus, and possibly Earth. It will then wither into a tiny, dense white dwarf–its former core. In March 2020, a team led by University of Warwick (U.K.) astronomers reported that they had discovered a strange phenomena involving a closely dancing duo of these dead stars. The scientists detected a massive white dwarf star with a weird carbon-rich atmosphere that could really be two white dwarfs that merged together as they performed their bizarre danse macabre in the space between stars.

Daily Life in Italy During the Period of Corona Virus, CoViD-19

For the time being, travel to Italy is down due to the fear of the Corona Virus, also known as CoViD-19. It is expected that travel to Italy will pick up again in the coming months. For those people who cannot be in Italy during March 2020 due to their fears of the mysterious virus, the author will report on what it is like to live through this sad and remarkable experience. This article describes how Italians are coping with fear and uncertainty as well as the various attitudes that prevail, including pro-active, counter-active, relaxed, fatalistic, religious, and in-denial approaches to life. Religious and social habits have been modified for the time being, as might be expected, in order to reduce the spread of the disease. All the same, life goes on, and the ‘aperitivo-cena’ remains a tradition to be enjoyed by the happy majority each day with many who still await the next soccer match to bring a smile to everyone’s faces because, in times of trouble, it is soccer that keeps enthusiasts in the loop.

Can Someone Disconnect From Their Emotions If They Have Experienced Trauma?

In addition to a physical and mental self, someone also has an emotional self. Nonetheless, just because they will have at least three parts to their being, it doesn’t mean that they will always be in touch with each of these parts.

Forget The Promises!: How Will They PAY For It?

It seems, every election, but, especially, in Presidential election years, our airwaves are loaded – with, a variety of seemingly, empty promises, and rhetoric, but, far too few details, or pragmatic solutions, alternatives, etc! This year, we have been witnessing, if it’s even possible, even more, than usual! During the Democratic primaries, we began with over 20 candidates, each one, seeming to try, to out – do, and out – promise, every other!

What’s In Your ROOF?

What does your ROOF mean to you? Is it, merely, something, which protects your house, and hangs, over your head? Or, is it much more than that, and represents, a major component, and set of considerations, about how much, you might enjoy your home, and how well you minimize unnecessary stresses, strains, and hassles?

How Will You Decide To LIVE Your Life?

Although, most people claim, to want to live the happiest, healthiest lives, possible, few, truly, pay keen attention, and consider, what that means and represents, the need for discipline and personal commitment, and, what they must do, to actually, LIVE their life, as they wish to, and which is beneficial! When was the last time, you actually, considered, how you might decide, to actually, live, and exist, to create the finest, most harmonious, existence, to maximize your happiness, health, and well – being. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach,…

5 Ways Goals Differ From Dreams

It seems, despite the fact, we speak, so often, about the so – called, American Dream, or the concept of living our dreams, very little attention, is paid, on what that means and represents, and the significant difference between a dream, and a goal! Although, dreams are essential for quality leadership, unless/ until, a well – considered, strategic plan, and a path to get it done, is implemented, little, of – significance, is achieved! Effective, meaningful, relevant leaders must transform quality ideas, and priorities, from dreams, to, goals, to be achieved.

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