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3 Awesome Campfire Games For Adults That You Should Try

Got a bonfire going? These awesome campfire games for adults will make your night in the woods even more enjoyable!

Quick and Easy Campfire Snacks For A Hassle-Free Outdoor Trip

Wondering what to snack on while out in the wilderness? Try these quick and easy campfire snacks that are oh-so-yummy!

Covid-19 and Our Money: Managing Money and Staying on Top

The Covid 19 outbreak has caused major disruptions to people’s finances and the global economy. However, there are proven ways to survive and thrive even in the most challenging of situations. It is important to stay calm and clear-headed in order assess the severity of the situation (such as the Coronavirus pandemic) as it applies to you. From there, you can implement reliable financial safety measures and assess your long-term prospects in relation how the situation is impacting your personal life.

Successful Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is defined as an abnormal sound perceived in the ear; this can be of varying types such as ringing, buzzing, hissing, chirping or whistling. The sound may be continuous or intermittent, and may or may not be associated with hearing loss. Mild tinnitus may prove to be a minor irritant, while severe forms of tinnitus may cause serious physical and psychological distress, leading to damaged interpersonal relations and quality of life.

Elderspeak and Invisible Old People

A long-standing cultural assumption is that “old” or older people, especially if retired, are senile or on the brink of senility. There is no evidence to prove it but as the song says, “The beat goes on”. Heaven forbid that they are having sex because that’s disgusting! According to my sexy elderly aunt, Miss Prunella who has a younger sexy guy with whom she has sex (she insists ) it’s time to get over it.

Small Business Liability Insurance: Summary of What This Insurance Covers

Something unexpected can always happen with any type of business, so it’s important that you have financial protection. Don’t think that just because you have a small company that you don’t need insurance. No matter what industry you are involved in, small business liability insurance is a must. It’s not uncommon for small businesses to face some sort of litigation for some reason, and the cost of not having insurance is typically a lot higher than the cost of purchasing coverage.

Cheap Online Auto Insurance Guide: What Are the Cheapest Vehicles to Insure? How to Find Quotes?

One of the first steps in getting cheap online auto insurance is by comparing quotes and learning about the companies that offer the policies. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking lesser-known, smaller insurers as they can often provide better, more personalized customer service than the larger companies. Just because 2/3s of the US market is covered by 7 car insurance companies doesn’t mean you have to be one of those. It might be worthwhile to be part of the 1/3 who gets your insurance from a smaller company.

17 Strategic Business Pivots to Make in the Time of COVID-19

The coronavirus epidemic has created many challenges for businesses. This means your business needs a plan so you can prepare for future growth and success. Here is a COVID-19 checklist of 17 strategic business pivots you can follow and implement right now to help your business.

5 Ways To Avoid Falls At Home

You probably know someone who has suffered an injury from a fall. The CDC reports that falls are the leading cause of nonfatal and fatal injuries in individuals 65 or older. Falls often result in broken bones, head injuries, and hip fractures. And it’s worth noting that fear of falling can make an older adult more afraid of being as active as they should be. Here’s how you can help avoid being one of those statistics.

Boundaries: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Build Walls Around Themselves?

On the one hand, there are boundaries and, on the other hand, there are walls. To gain an understanding of what the difference is, someone could think about these two things in a slightly different context.

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