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New Choices in Solar Outdoor Accent Lights

Sometimes the best way to show off your garden or yard is to purchase one simple light that will accent a certain area of it. These solar outdoor accent lights are very effective and will cost you as low as $20 or as much as $200. These come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes that will help you to accent your driveway, walkway, or a simple tree.

The Dangers of Bad Company

Bad company corrupts and can lead to undesirable outcomes. It is important that one associates with the right kind of people and not get led astray.

Martin Logic King Jr

Here’s a brief lesson in influence from one of history’s most influential people. And the lesson even goes beyond that, into a saner life.

How To Generate More Search Engine Traffic

Search engine optimization is an important component in online marketing. To get started making the most of search engine traffic, do the easiest things first.

For a Strong Message, Pause and Take a Breath

To many it comes as a big surprise when I point out that people may hear you, but that doesn’t mean they listen and understand your message. According to the National Center for Voice and Speech, the average conversation rate for English speakers in the United States is about 150 words per minute.

Three Steps to Inner Growth

Although inner growth is an ongoing process for us all, it can sometimes become confusing and overwhelming. This article breaks the process down to three basic steps, organizing the process and making it simpler and easier for you to progress on your path of personal inner growth.

Critical Thinking: Is It Easier For ‘Intelligent’ People To Avoid Their Own Inner Wounds?

In addition to having a physical body, human beings also have a number of other bodies. There is what could be classed as an emotional body, mental body and at least one other body that can’t be perceived by the five senses.

You Can’t Claim To Be The Law And Order Candidate, When You Ignore Inconvenient Laws: 4 Concerns

Isn’t it, somewhat ironic, President Donald Trump, seems to be, trying to portray himself, as the, so – called, Law and Order, candidate, when, he appears to, so often, ignore, laws, he considers, inconvenience, and/ or, don’t fit neatly into his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? The rule of law, means, no one is above the law, yet, the present occupant of the White House, doesn’t seem to care, or pay attention, to that, when it doesn’t fit his purposes! This nation’s stature, in terms of what we must represent, and stand for, demands, we fight for…

Playing Into Trump’s Political Agenda?: 3 Considerations

Opponents of Donald Trump, seem to often, make the mistake of under – estimating him! They create memes, intending to make fun of him (or something he said, or did), and/ or, make statements, where they downplay his intelligence, abilities, or fitness, to serve as President of the United States. From a political, practical, realistic, point – of – view, this is a dangerous approach, because, regardless of what, one thinks of the man, he appears to be an expert, in terms of inspiring and motivating, his political core supporters/ base!

Dangerous Precedents For Our Judicial System: 5 Concerns

Americans, have often felt proud of our system of government, and the administration of justice, etc, especially, compared to many other nations, in the world. However, for many, some of the events, and actions/ behaviors, of the past few years, has significantly reduced these feelings, as well as their confidence, in what the future of America, may bring, if we continue the present course of action, and fail to protect all of our Constitutional rights, and guarantees! This article could probably, go on for pages, if we discussed, all the warning signs, so, with that in mind, this article will…

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