LIVE: Indian Army Chief With Major (Retd.) Gaurav Arya On Republic At Chanakya Dialogue

Self-Worth: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Believe That They Have To Earn The Right To Exist?

If instead of doing what they usually do, someone was to take a step back and to reflect on their life, they may see that it has been one big struggle. Nonetheless, this is not to say that they won’t have ever experienced good things or have good things in their life.

The Stock Market Is High, But, How About The Economy?: 3 Considerations

President Donald Trump, often, points – to, the performance of the stock market, claiming, it’s evidence of his superior, stewardship, of the United States economy! While, stocks, have performed, amazingly, well, there are a variety of reasons, and factors, for this, which may, or may not, relate, directly, to the overall performance of the economy! It often seems, we continue to experience, a so – called, Tale of Two Cities, with a small number of the wealthiest Americans, often, profiting, when more people, at the other end of the spectrum, doing, far, less – well!

Americans Should Vote Their HOPES Instead Of Fears!

Many students of history, proclaim, we are currently experiencing a period of time, where far too many Americans, prioritize their fears, over, the HOPES and aspirations, of the nation, in the bigger – picture! Perhaps, more than any recent politician, and/ or public official, Donald Trump, seems to understand the power of the message – of – fear, and, even, hatred/ envy, and much of his political success, is his ability to appeal to his core supporters. Many of these individuals, appear, to be far more motivated by hatred, fears, biases, etc, than, seeking a realistic, viable, relevant, sustainable solution, based on…

Don’t Take Your 24*7 Working Appliance for Granted, Get It Repaired With the Experts

Nowadays, we can say that refrigerator has become a basic need of every household. Whether it comes to keep your vegetables fresh, enjoying chilled water to beat the scorching heat, preparing ice creams to make the kids happy in seconds, a single appliance serves all our needs. It prevents food wastage, and you can also store cooked food for a longer period so you can save your precious time and money.

Why Do We Need Simultaneous Localization and Mapping?

We have made great strides when it comes to robotics. But where we’ve come at a standstill is the lack of support to the robots when it comes to finding the location. WHAT IS SLAM?

Watch Movies and Tv Series for Free in Hd

Are you tired of subscribing to too many online streaming services? Has your pocket lost its weight in recent times just because you wanted to watch five different series altogether? If so, then you are in the right place.

What Happened To The GREATER Good?

Wouldn’t it be nice, if, our nation, and its political leaders, focused on the GREATER good, rather than, what we witness, far – too – often, which seems, to be, public officials, too often, putting their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, ahead of the greater good? In our current, political environment, there seems to be very little attempt, at bi – partisan leadership, and governing, and a significant increase, in populist, polarizing, rhetoric, and vitriol! With all its flaws, the United States Constitution, is generally, considered, one of the most beautiful documents, and statements, emphasizing liberty, justice, and freedom, for…

Terror: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Carry A Lot Of Terror?

Although someone’s early years will have left a big impact on their whole being, it doesn’t mean that they will realise this. In fact, they might not even think about what took place at this stage of their life.

What VALUES Should American Leaders Emphasize?

During, this period, where our nation, seems, as – divided, as, we remember, in recent memory, many believe, this upcoming election, may actually determine, who wins, the battle, for the soul, of our nation! We often, pride, ourselves, on what we consider, the prevailing, VALUES of this country, based on the basic premises, of our Constitution, including, the ideas of the rights and freedoms, for – all, to enjoy, life, liberty, and the pursuit of justice! Many believe, many of these, have been, infringed – upon, and/ or, threatened, by the combination of the rhetoric/ vitriol, apparent priorities and emphasis, and actions,…

Make America SANE Again!

After, nearly four years, of the administration, of an individual, who ran, on the campaign slogan, Make America Great Again, and continues, claiming, despite much evidence, to the contrary, he has made it far greater, many Americans, as well as citizens, around the world, feel/ believe, we have witnessed, and lived – through, an extended nightmare, instead! The combination of Donald Trump’s rhetoric/ vitriol, false and misleading statements, and polarization, unlike anything, we’ve seen, in recent memory, has created a level of anger, confusion, and disappointment, which has created, a barely – recognizable, America. When, the most powerful man, in…

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